Pay Someone to Take My Online Spatial Reasoning Tests

The Spatial reasoning tests can define your ability to analyse your thinking abilities about the objects in both 2 & 3 dimensions and then draw conclusions in a limited information.

What exactly is spatial reasoning?

It concerns your strength to think clearly about objects in both 2D & 3D environment and then visualise the movement of those objects, patterns around them. These non-verbal tests and often called as spatial awareness test that involves disassembly of pictures or rotation.

This can be proved helpful for better assessment of candidate’s ability to interpret 2D & 3D shapes. The recruiter or employer will judge individual’s ability to perfectly identify relationships between shapes or patterns. You need to mentally manipulate the 2D and 3D pictures into the desired shape you want.

Helpful in finding out the best candidates for both technical & engineering job roles & majorly conducted in the technology sector and military areas.

What are the different types of spatial reasoning tests?

Each spatial reasoning tests contains different variety of questions, designed specially to test out an ability to perfectly visualise & manipulate pictures in the form of 2D & 3D formations.

In order to familiarise with new patterns & questions you need to understand following sections:

Shape matching

This section requires you to completely examine two different group shapes in a different scenario of layouts & rotations before coming out to answer for matching the same.

Just like a game of ‘pairs’ that is to be played at very high speed and shows how comfortable a candidate is in terms of visualising 2D objects.

Group rotation

This contains mentally rotating different shapes in order to demonstrate your aptitude with two or three dimensional format. With possible alternatives available you job is to choose the correct one from the shown shapes.

Cube views

A 3D cube is shown with different shapes or symbols at each face and then you will be required to solve questions for the symbols on cube’s faces in order to assess your capability to visualise shapes in different angles.

Mirror images

Here questions need you to find out mirror image of 2 or 3 dimensional shape that you have shown with the question and then you need to figure out the answer. You need to use logics to discount various possible answers as fast as you can & then at last leaving you with very less potential correct answers.

Combining the 2D shapes

Lots of 2 dimensional shapes will be given & one of which has been cut into different pieces and you are asked by the employer to determine which shape will make up the pieces in one image after clearly examining the pieces.

Block counting

Series of cubes made from the blocks is shown with challenge part is to figure out the number of blocks can be used to complete the shape.


Especially designed to determine your ability to follow instructions and then follow a map and you will be asked to perfectly navigate in the form of 2D map. You can solve this section easily if you have good knowledge about directions.

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It consist of different variety of questions in relation to dimensional thinking. The more your answers will get corrected the more you can score in this section. 

It is used for assessing an ability to think for the objects in various dimensions.  Here, different set of questions can evaluate how better you are in using your imagination & reasoning for make conclusions.

It involve problems based on the objects that are pictured in 2D or 3D picture and you are required to mentally solve those images in order to figure out correct answer. 

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