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The Company Legal and General Group was founded in the year 1836 and since then it is providing various services like life insurance, annuities, pensions, mortgages, investment management etc. It is one of the 2nd largest firm in the Europe for the management of institutional investment. The company has it’s headquarter in London.

Various career opportunities for you in Legal & General

For the candidates, the company Legal & General provides various opportunities in the area of investments, marketing, IT, sales as well as customer support. The Legal & General Company values the flexibility in work, diversified working staff, ambition and entrepreneurial mind-set.

The company offers various job roles for smart and clean history candidates who are having politeness & curiosity in their mind. The company also suggests you to not talk about the bad experiences of your past also misrepresent the skills by overselling yourself.

Company look for the candidates with following attributes:

  • Strategic orientation.
  • The Process management
  • Respect for the others
  • True Customer orientation
  • Cooperation with their clients
  • Better Commercial awareness
  • Useful Communication
  • Creativity in minds

The application process for the Legal & General Company Recruitment

  • The Online application
  • The Screening telephonic interview
  • A Psychometric assessment 
  • And the Assessment centre

The Online application for the Legal and General

It is the first step for you to complete it. With this step, you are requested to fill all the details pertaining to your academic history, background information, and experience if any.

The Screening telephonic interview

Always make sure to have your CV in your hand while HR it taking your interview or answering the questions regarding your personal or academic life.

The L&G’s numerical reasoning assessment

The Company L&G utilizes SHL as one of the most important service provider for the numerical reasoning section. MCQ format of L&G Company’s numerical reasoning test assessment can easily define an ability to perfectly evaluate and analyze data given through numerical format in the form of multiple charts, tables, or graphical representations. Students are mainly requested to solve various kind of questions in order to gain access to effective marks in the test. Students are going to face question with different topics like basic arithmetic, ratios, etc. that are truly essential for each & everyone to provide answer within a period of time. Through Take my online L&G tests for me you can get what you need the most for gaining access to practice based questions right from the ExamsHelpers portal. All sorts of questions related to this particular section can be asked at the time of assessment centre round.

L&G’s situational assessment test

The L&G’s situational assessment test is a kind of test in which you will be given multiple range of questions for determining how you can perform or react to the certain hypothetical situations or events which may be encountered by the candidates during his or her workplace environment. As per the answers given by you to the assessment team, you will get assessed in terms of how you can align your values & behaviours to that of Company L&G. It is a crucial thing to do and for that you need to make good research about L&G.

L&G’s personality assessment test

This sort of test with the company Legal and General can specify the situations for the job role you have already applied and also the company in general. This aims to crack your mind and determine what type of person you are actually, what is the biggest inspiration in your life and your SWOT analysis. You need to be honest & correct about your wordings as these are designed by the experts to figure out the discrepancies.

The Assessment centre exercise

It is normally a mix of group or individual exercises in order to measure the candidate’s alignments with the competency framework of legal and General Company. It can vary from one job role to another, but this is important for you to get prepared fully for all types of scenarios to stand out from the other competitors.


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