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The National Grid Company particularly invests in the businesses of energy and having its presence across various competitive markets of the US and the UK.

What career opportunities you will get at National Grid?

For the future generations the Company National Grid has lot more important role to play in terms of making impossible things possible that delivers energy system of tomorrow. For this reason, company always look for the talent & innovation in this area and expect truly high performance in terms of hiring enthusiastic people or People just like you.

The hiring process for the National Grid:

  • A simple Online Application
  • A Psychometric Test
  • Personal Interview
  • Assessment Centre

A simple online application

You have to fill a simple form that may ask you to tell your personal details, your past background, your hobbies, your personal interests, what you actually think about your job role, overview of Company and many more information online.

The National Grid Numerical Reasoning test

It is a kind of psychometric assessment test and generally ask you to solve series of questions given in the form of percentages, graphs, tables, charts etc. you need to analyse the data given in these questions and then select the best suitable answer from the list of multiple choice answers.

It can easily measure candidate’s numerical ability, graphical and data interpretation that takes 20-25 minutes of yours to assess. 

It is probably most important for you to practice a lot for this questions with take my online national grid tests online as per your needs and comfort.

The National Grid Verbal Reasoning

  • Series of paragraphs are given.
  • Read & then answer the questions given in the form of responses like True, False, can’t say.
  • It is needful for better assessment of analytical, language understanding skills, reading comprehension skills, grammatical skills and so on.
  • Very little time is provided for each question so it is a good idea to practice for these sort of questions as much as you can.
  • These tests are well suited for the Company to analyse the candidate for the job they have applied for.
  • However, questions are easy to do and can be completed on time if you practice a lot.

The National Grid Situational Judgement

The test here represent you to analyse the series of different challenging scenarios.

These scenarios can be the same as you might encounter in your workplace in near future.

There are numbers of possible responses will be given for the particular scenario, you need to select the one that feels excellent in terms of your thinking ability or how will you react to that situation.

Here the time limit is given and you need to take better care about this so that you can easily read & the information in a proper way.

Sometimes it is very important for you to determine the values of Company so that you can ensure about perfect match between both the answers (Yours and theirs)

The National Grid Group Exercise

  • This is a kind of group task.
  • Here any meeting or business scenario will be provided to you.
  • You are expected to deliver amazing solution for the scenario to your team.
  • You are judged by the information given to you and how you will present that to your team members.
  • Also, you will be figured out in terms of how you will perform within your group.
  • It can test your strongly oriented leadership skills as well as your support skills.
  • You need to have good balance between both the things without any dominating or too passive.

The National Grid Presentations

  • Give any short presentation as per the subject delivered to you.
  • A time is given in order to prepare your presentation
  • You will also be allowed to take better prompts.
  • It is a kind of case study and you need to read, analyse as well as bring something better in terms of your presentation from that case study based on the findings.
  • Your public speaking skills as well as presenting skills will be assessed by the members and how you will perform with pressure situation in front of you during your presentation.

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