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The energy company that is committed to development & research of the renewable energy, related sources, the RWE is offering career opportunities for everyone who wants to be a part of this organisation.

Various career opportunities for you at RWE

With its employee base of 20k people across the world, the company offering you multiple career paths ranging from the apprenticeships to the graduate programmes. The goal of the company is to reduce the carbon footprints or carbon emissions for making a carbon-neutral world.

There are different varieties of Job roles are there with the requirement of some specialities. Different roles that are vital for the company are: Strategic & business related job roles like financial manager, financial planner, and practical, hands-on job roles for outer locations like wind farm-technician or electrical-craftsperson.

There are different benefits are linked with the RWE Company for their employers like competitive salaries with bonuses, flexible working, pension options, health packages & various learning opportunities.

If you are graduate then you can straight away enter into these job roles and can be a part of RWE but if you are not then to be a part of this company, you can take part in RWE’s Graduate level Programme that is having opportunities in multiple fields like Financial, IT, Commercial, Consulting, trading, Business, Engineering and mining.

The online recruitment process for RWE

  • An Online Application
  • A Telephone Interview round 
  • The RWE’s Online Analytical assessment
  • A Video Interview
  • The Assessment Centre

The recruitment process can take months and can be lengthy in nature.

An Online application

The RWE Company gives you an opportunity to highlight all your talent with their recruitment process. At their website you can see all the available positions. For finishing up the application process, you need to first create the personal account at their website and then you need to upload your latest or updated CV/resume to manage the applications. It is highly recommended for you to keep your resume clear, Short & relevant.

The Telephone interview round 

Will be conducted by the HR team, this interview will going to take your 30 minutes and in this time duration, you need to speak about your educational background, work experience, reasons to leave your current job profile and questions related to why you want to work in this organization. It is like a golden opportunity for anyone to keep on discussing your job role in a detailed manner. Get prepared with better knowledge about the company, clear understanding of job roles you have applied and other relevant questions.

The RWE’s Online Analytical section

The online analytical round is designed by the experts to analyse your logical as well as abstract reasoning abilities. This test is common for the candidates who are looking to have bright career opportunities in departments that involve mathematics, research and computer programming.

  • Logical reasoning:
  • Abstract reasoning section by RWE

The Logical reasoning section

Logical reasoning test by RWE’s mainly contains series of multiple questions in relation to sequence of shapes & patterns. With each question a missing term is there, you are provided with various number of answers and you need to choose the one which will be the most accurate answer. The RWE’s diagrammatic or logical reasoning section can better analyse your problem solving skills.

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Abstract reasoning section by RWE

  • It determines the candidate’s ability to better recognise the given patterns, shapes, structure and then make use of that information for finding out the reasonable deductions in terms of what comes next.
  • For effective assessment, look carefully at the given patterns so that you can understand how it actually before going for the prediction of next shape.
  • The test here will be the multiple-choice test.

The Video interview round by RWE

One of the most crucial steps to perform by the companies or HR staff for the video interview or telephonic round of assessment contains pre-screening of the behavior on the basis of competencies. The Video interview can be taken by HR staff of the same company in which you have applied but with slightly different modifications to video interview round. Here, you need to pre-record all your answers in a limited fashion. It can be tricky and you will be having 30 or less seconds to think as well as answer the given question. At the end, you can watch your performance and re-record it for further improvement.

The Assessment centre round by RWE

The assessment centre exercise contains the form of Group Exercise by RWE. This Assessment Centres exercise is actually a mix of individuals as well as group activities. As per your job role or the position you have applied for you need to prepare fully for this exercise.

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