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Being one of the top management consultancies in the country, Boston Consulting Group or simply BCG is having an employee base of around 10,000 plus people available in 50 plus countries. The company is taking prides on merging the humans & business capabilities for delivering top class results for their clients.

Better career options at the Boston-Consulting Group

The company recruits highly skilful, better calibre, experienced professionals, doctors, engineers, lawyers or from various other industry experts for different job roles.

The company is having different areas of specialisation in terms of IT, marketing, design, legal, finance and various other wide range of job roles within the area of expertise. You can also apply for the summer internship, if you are a recent graduate in order to take the benefit of mentorship, and also to determine your suitability for mesmerizing career with Boston Consulting Group. Company also encourages women employees to get their dream job with full potential.

At the BCG, you can find the following areas of expertise for applying the different job roles:

  • The Software Engineer
  • A Digital Strategist
  • Member of Risk Management Group 
  • An Administrative Assistant
  • A Retail Sales
  • The Geo-Analytics Specialist
  • A Human Scientist

Employees share positive reports of generous company benefits such as protected vacation time, on-site gyms and copious opportunities available for personal and professional development.

Boston Consulting Group Application Process

Here, the recruitment process is rigorous & of highly competitive nature together with the strict requirement at minimum of AAB with A Levels or an equivalent as well as the 1st Class or any 2:1 degree (Bachelor Degree) in any subject. Take my online Boston consulting group tests for me can help you out in all regards for getting a better job.

The company also take various additional scholarships, awards, prizes or achievements into consideration (If you have anything to show) for selling yourself in a better way and you can stand out from the competition.

Applicants can expect several rounds of assessments that can last for weeks from the date of applying.

  • An Online Application
  • Telephone Interview round
  • The BCG’s Potential Test
  • An Assessment Centre
  • The Final Interview

An Online application

Telephonic round of assessment with screening process

Once your online application has been accepted, you are needed to present yourself for the next round of assessment in terms of telephonic interview which will be taken by the HR team of Boston consulting group. The process involves simple screening call in order to clarify your identify as well as how suitable you are for the company.

BCG Company’s Potential Test

If you are a graduate then you need to take this test and it is by the experts to primarily assess all your skills in relation to analysing the given information & then also applying the conclusions in responses to that in a real-world scenario. You need some important skills for a successful career with BCG. You are requested to answer 23 questions all around in a time period of 45 minutes. You don’t need any prior experience but practising for the questions take my online BCG tests for me can help you a lot.

Here the content is purely made up of 3 different categories of questions like logical reasoning section, numerical reasoning section & deductive reasoning section.

For answers the questions related to numerical reasoning you are required to better read the given data first in the form of graphs, lists, charts etc. & then interpret those data for answering multiple-choice questions.

In case of logical reasoning section, the questions here represents the series of various combinations of structures, requiring you to perfectly predict next coming sequence. For the questions of deductive reasoning section, you are requested to make some logical assumptions as per the given facts & information in front of you during the test.

The Assessment centre Round 

The assessment centre exercise contains the form of Group Exercise by BCG. This Assessment Centres exercise is actually a mix of individuals as well as group activities. As per your job role or the position you have applied for you need to prepare fully for this exercise.

The Final interview round 

This is the final round of assessment at the BCG for different job roles. This round of interview will be particularly in-depth from the previous one. This round of assessment will be taken by the HR manager or the person from your department as per your applied job position or even from the panel of managerial team.

The interview will be the detailed with questions in terms of your past history, your work experience, qualification, reasons for the gaps in the employment & other relevant questions to figure out whether you can easily fit for the Boston Consulting Group or not. It is highly important for you to get complete knowledge about the Company & the job position you want to apply for so that it will be easier for you to showcase your talent & how good you are for the company.

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