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The HSBC is one of the most prominent & leading financial and banking services Companies with Headquarter is at London. It has more than 80 offices of its own across the world in different countries. It is one of the largest bank of Europe in terms of total assets. The world’s most high profile and dignified organizations are its customers including savers & individuals.

Career opportunities at HSBC

You as a candidate can apply for the work placements, apprenticeships, placements for different job roles as well as for the global graduate programmes.

HSBC works in wide range of areas like commercial banking, markets, global banking, retail banking & private banking. But HSBC is having shear competition for each & every position in this institution and they receive almost hundreds of thousands of applications for different job roles every year however the vacancies are very limited, so you can expected higher level of competition.

The application process for different job roles at HSBC

  • First step is to fill the application form
  • Then comes the online immersive assessment
  • Job simulation
  • Super day (Assessment Centre)

The application process itself is a hard level process that includes greater number of steps in terms of online tests & final round of assessment at the Centre.

The core value of the HSBC that is totally required in each & every candidate are:

  • Open to cultures & different ideas
  • Dependable
  • Well connected to the customers, regulators, communities etc.

You need to make sure that you are having better knowledge about the core values while looking for opportunities in HSBC with take my online HSBC tests for me in a great manner.

The online Application form

The very first step is to fill the application form with the help of the instructions given and submitting your CV with it. You need to make sure that your CV is fully up-to-date & free from errors and connects well to your experience, achievements and qualities while applying for the different job roles. 

You may be asked to answer few questions of MCQ type to rate your skills & expertise in relation to any specified role.

The online immersive assessment process 

After receiving the application you will be requested to finish up the two main online assessments who first step is immersive assessment.

Here you will be presented with a different scenarios of situational judgment test while working with the HSBC. The answers you select with this test will help HSBC Company to make sure that whether you are the right candidate in terms of matching behaviours & core values. This also includes the numerical reasoning tests in which you are asked to solve numerical data available to you in the form of graphs, charts and tables. The verbal reasoning test also makes an assessment of yours in terms of checking your spelling & grammar and an ability to fully understand written information. It takes around an hour to get completed.

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The HSBC Job Simulation process 

Once after cracking the above-discussed round you will be called for job simulation round. This is totally a video assessment round delivered to you by Hirevue and based upon the specified business areas you have already applied to. Here, you will be represented with some fictitious information in relation to kind of working you will be going with the job role. This simulation process may have few questions based on analysing some numerical data & then delivering a full proof summary for the colleague as well as ranking responses to the hypothetical working scenarios or at last delivering video responses in a detailed manner to showcase you would approach any particular task.

Here the questions will be MCQ type and you need to practice hard before going through this section. It may take around 50 minutes.

The HSBC Super Day

As per the programme, you are intended to apply for this process merely takes half of your day that is also called as the assessment day. This includes series of group & individual exercises taken by the senior officials as per your relevant business field.

It is better to do some research about HSBC’s business area you have applied to before taking super day into consideration.

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