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Better known by the name-Saville Consulting years ago, the Saville Company is now the part of Willis Towers-Watson. The Saville Assessment is one of the best, most affordable, and globally recognized business-management consultancy as well as a talent acquisition company better known for their psychometric tests & personality questionnaires. These are widely used by many employers across the world in multiple industries.

The Saville test

The Saville test can take many forms, and every form is used by different organisations for the assessment of candidate’s suitability as per the given job role. The psychometric assessment tests by Saville covers many areas of skills like numerical, logical, verbal, & mechanical aptitude In few cases the Saville test can be taken by the stand-alone process but most commonly, these tests are taken in combined format to blend the assessment under the Swift series.

Saville’s aptitude test

Saville test can be taken as stand along by its own or can be taken as the part of Swift assessment. It is just like a quick-fire round that covers various areas and total time duration for all these can be in the range of 9.5-24 minutes. Whereas the stand alone assessments mainly focuses on particular job skill & takes longer time to get complete. 

Here are different types of Saville’s assessment tests that you may encounter:

The Numerical aptitude section by Saville

A student will be asked about 20-25 questions and within the period of 20 minutes you are requested to answer the questions for the multiple varieties of topics like percentage, tables, graphs etc. You need to deliver perfectly analyzed data & requested to choose right answers from the list of choices given. You will not require prior knowledge to the subjects as general mathematics knowledge is sufficient.

Verbal aptitude section by Saville 

With the help of given information inside the passage, you are invited to give your responses in terms of ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘cannot say’. You don’t need to provide any additional information or facts here only information provided in the passage is enough.

You don’t need any prior knowledge as entire information is given correctly. You just need to find it effectively without any hesitation.

Diagrammatic assessment section 

As far as diagrammatic assessment section is concerned, here students are requested to answer MCQ’s in relation to the sequencing of patters, and shapes given. In each & every question, you will see a missing term with numbers of answers, you should choose the one that fits into the category of correct answer. The Aviva diagrammatic can analyse your problem solving skills.

The Mechanical aptitude section by Saville 

It can perfectly measure the ability to clearly understand & apply your mechanical subject related concepts or principles in order to solve the given problems conveniently. It is highly recommended for you to practice a lot with take my online Saville tests for me before going ahead with solving such questions. You should be having better mechanical concept knowledge as well as expertise about applying the principles.

Here, the Individual test section may take around 16 minutes to get completed.

The Abstract aptitude section

The Abstract aptitude section is designed by the experts to perfectly measure the ability to the candidates to logically derive the answers by the set of rules & relationships among the given patterns or sequences. You are having 16 minutes in total to solve as many structure or patterns as you can, in these type of questions few part of pattern has been removed and you have to identify the correct sequence of pattern from the given MCQ.

Error-checking aptitude by Saville

This section has some vital elements to showcase an ability to work with accuracy & uniqueness. You will be given the information in terms of names, addresses, Telephone-numbers & requested to check all of them against the target.

The Workplace English

It is a standalone exam which is not a part of any Swift assessment. Here you will face multiple sentences in relation to the different workplace scenarios. With each sentence, single word or list of words are missing, you have to select the right word in order to finish the sentences from the given MCQ. Total time duration for the test is 16.5 minutes in which you can answer multiple questions as per your accuracy & speed.

Situational assessment round by Saville 

Mainly targeted for the graduate streams, the Saville test can present you in terms of work-life situations where you have to take some decisions.

The Wave’s personality-questionnaire by Saville 

The Saville’s Wave-personality assessment makes use of some of the complicated rating systems in order to measure individual’s working styles, behavioural tendencies as well as preferences. This can be considered as one of the strongest indicator for future performance & culture fit in regards to candidates. This mainly contains 4 test types for different variety of purposes with two of the most common ones are the Wave Professional-Styles as well as Wave Focus-Styles. Both are same with only difference is different amount of duration.

In one hand the Professional Style is of around 40-minute, whereas the Focus Styles takes 13 minutes to get finished. Candidates can be rated on the basis of statements given in the form of very-strongly disagree to the very-strongly agree then responses will be collected to have in-depth report that shows working personality in the form of problem solving, communication and relationships skills.

Employers who makes use of Saville tests?

The Saville test is used by variety of employers across the industry with some well-known names can be: Dyson, Jaguar & Land Rover, Virgin Media, Johnson & Johnson and Merck.

Steps to get through thee Saville tests:-

Learn from past mistakes

While practising for the different variety of questions, you should always focus on reviewing the given questions for at least once. You can also look for the ways to improve yourself by looking after the wrong answers.

Hone your skillset

Try something new and determine your key strength by different types of activities that you can perform while sitting alone or with anyone else. Sharp your verbal-reasoning abilities or you can also play few mathematical PC game to help you in boosting the numerical reasoning skills.

Take good amount of practice tests

Go for the free practice package available for you at Savile test’s online platform. You can practice more with premium packages under the services of take my online Savile tests for me online. It is the best way to get prepared for the test before applying for the job. 

Check for the details

You should never skim-read the questions. Doing this will totally end up the details that are imperative for any task to complete. You have to read the questions carefully and go through each & every detail before answering the particular question.

Have a Balance speed & accuracy

Pure balance of accuracy & speed is very necessary, employers who are looking for every detailed information may pay attention to your moves and they also want to know whether you are capable enough to handle the particular situation under the extreme pressure. You should try to solve as many questions as you can within the given time frame without any compromise with the overall accuracy.


As a candidate you will be given a raw score as per the different set of questions, answered correctly. Together with this thing, you will be delivered scale score which is nothing but a comparison between scores earned by you & scores earned by other candidates who have given the same test or exam. If it shows a high-score then you have done a good job.

This particular test has the challenging scenario to clear and most of the time people get into the trouble if they don’t have any practice for the same. It is like an elimination process where most of the people gets out, so we can say that this will give us a clear idea about the strength & weaknesses of the candidate. You need to have a good amount of practice for creating a difference among your competition.

This section mainly depends on the number of questions you face in your test. A perfect assessment can last for 10 to 24 minutes. Any standalone test may vary in terms of total duration with the shortest one will be of 6 minutes & the longest one will be of 24 minutes.

The Saville tests can be administered either in terms of supervised version or unsupervised version. With supervised version the duration will be shorter and it can be taken at the centre or within the environment of workspace, whereas the unsupervised version is taken online & can be given from the place of your choice.


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