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You can read ‘Examshelpers’ terms & conditions carefully! Once upon the agreement with the particular terms & conditions, you are entitled to agree with these things:


These terms and conditions shall govern your use of our website

  • Under the services of our website, you are entitled to accept the terms & conditions in full in accordance with the policy, in case you disagree with any of the terms & conditions then you must not utilize our website.
  • In case (you register at the website or submit any sort of material or use services available at our website) then Examshelpers will request you to clearly agree to the terms & conditions.
  • Your age should be 18& above for using the services of our website, or in case of agreeing to the available terms & conditions. You represent & warrant to us that the user is at least 18 years of the age.
  • Examshelpers makes use of cookies to be agreed upon the given terms & conditions, your consent to use the cookies accordingly with given terms & conditions of our privacy & cookies policy.

Licence to govern website

Visitor can:

  • Download pages of Examshelpers for caching in their web browser.
  • View-pages from the website in their web-browser;
  • Print the web-pages from the website;
  • Directly stream video or audio files from the site.
  • Utilize the services of the website by web browser.
  • One can makes use of the Examshelpers for their own personal or business purposes not for any other thing.
  • Except in case permitted by Examshelpers’ terms &conditions, you will not edit/modify the material present on the website.

Until & unless you have the control in terms of ownership towards the relevant rights in material, you will not:

  • Republish the given desired material from the website
  • Show any sort of material from the website in the public
  • sub-license, sell, rent the material from the website;
  • show any material from our website in public;
  • Redistribute the material from the website.
  • Examshelpers reserve all the rights to restrict any access to particular areas of the website or whole website, at the discretion. You should not circumvent/bypass/attempt to do the same on the website.

The Acceptable use

A user must not:

  • Utilize the site in any case or in any way, or go after an action that can cause, damages to the site or the impairment of performance, accessibility or availability of a given website.
  • Utilize the website in a way that is totally unlawful, fraudulent, harmful, illegal or in-connection to any fraudulent, harmful, unlawful, or illegal purposes or activities.
  • use the Examshelpers’ content to host, transmit, copy, store, publish, distribute, send, or use any of the material that contains spyware, Trojan horse, computer virus, rootkit, worm, keystroke logger or multiple other malicious/harmful computer software;
  • Conduct the systematic/automated data-collection activities like scraping without limitation,data-mining, data harvesting and data-extraction on/in relation with the website without the expressively written consent.
  • Violate directives set out in the robots.txt file of our website.
  • Use the data collected from the website for any kind of direct-marketing activities like email marketing, telemarketing, SMS marketing or direct mailing.
  • You need to ensure that the information you delivered to our website or in relation to the website is absolutely true, current, accurate, complete & non-misleading.

The Registration & accounts

  • User can register for the account with the help of website by finishing & submitting an account registration form on the website or by clicking at the verification link, Examshelpers has sent to you through email.
  • In order to use the website, you should not allow any-other person to make use of the account.
  • In case you become truly aware about the unauthorised usage of the account then inform us immediately.

The user login-details

  • In case you register for the account at our site then we will deliver with or asked to choose the user name &password.
  • The user-ID should not be misleading and user should not use the account/user-ID in connection with the impersonation of the person.
  • Must keep the password confidential.
  • Must notify Examshelpers in writing in case you came to know about the disclosure of your login password.
  • User is truly held responsible for the activity at our site that is arising out of failure to keep the password confidential and also liable for losses arising from this failure.

Entire agreement

  • Terms & conditions as well as privacy & cookies policy will constitute the entire agreement between us & you in-relation to the usage of website & will supersede any previous agreements made between you & us in-relation to the usage of services at our website.