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If you are applying for any customer facing job roles then aptitude test is really important for you to consider. Sale tests as a part of recruitment process for the companies are really getting important. With different requirements each company has different sales based job roles. But here, skills identification process remains the same.

Skill that are useful for any sales job:

First & the foremost, sales is all about building the relationship

Creating trust with the customers & building a strong relationship with them is all about a good sales person. You need to have better communication skills as well as convincing power to tell them why this product or service of really helpful for them. Apart from that, creating better strong connections with your customers is also the vital role of any sales person. For many companies, sales is all about the teamwork and this is the reason you need to have better team work skills and the skills to support each & other.

Why employers makes use of psychometric assessment tests to better assess sales skills?

Most of the time companies makes use of psychometric assessment tests for the sales jobs to ensure the recruitment of effective candidates that are very strong at written skills and numerical skills for building the relationship with the clients.

In case you are applying for the sales job then it is important for you to practice a lot for the sales test which is the important section of recruitment for every other company.

Following tests are important for you consider:

Personality assessment tests 

This is designed by the experts to clearly find out how good your character is or how well you are going to fit into the job-role, team & company you want to apply to. This is most important part of the assessment as it is directly linked with how good a candidate will be at selling.

Situational judgement

Just similar to the personality assessment round, there is not wrong or right while determining the answers, instead a situational judgement round will give you multiple series of problems & challenges that you will face in your workplace. You need to select your response from the list of options available. The situational assessment round is important for giving employer a better idea about how good a candidate is at work & it also offering a better indication of their strengths & weaknesses.

Numerical reasoning skills

The numerical reasoning section can fully determine how strong you are with the numbers and data presented in front of you that is very important for any sale job. You will be given tables, graphs, charts and figures to analyse and extract important data and then give answers to the questions. It will help you to improve your skills and speed with better confidence, so it is important for you to practice a lot with take my online sales tests for me.

The Error checking section

You have to produce effective, accurate results while working at the sales department of your company. For this you can try out error checking or error correct tests to be comfortable in spotting the errors, mistakes in a timely manner. You can also practice around the numerical reasoning section for being accurate with data or numbers.

Verbal reasoning tests

Effective communication skills are very important for any individual who wants to join any sales based industry. Candidates are expected to effectively translate the complex results or data, rectify and identify the issues or problems & better your communication for giving out best possible results with the sales job roles. The verbal reasoning test will be of moderate level with main focus on finding out the solutions to numerical problems.

With the help of given information inside the passage, you are invited to give your responses in terms of ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘cannot say’. You don’t need to provide any additional information or facts here only information provided in the passage is enough.


Five tips for sales tests

Getting prepared for the sales test is really important and by these tips you can improve yourself:

Do some research work

Perform your searching as much as possible and find out everything about the company’s job role you are going to apply as it is really important for you to understand this for performing great. This thing can help you to tailor the answers correctly in a prioritizing manner.

Keep calm

If, at any point of time, any question is troubling you during the test taking process then take a deep breath, pause and think again. In case of MCQ type of question try to remove incorrect answers first and then read the possible answer to change the perspective and brings out the correct answer.

Get out of your comfort zone

Try something new and get out of your comfort zone by asking your friend or family member to take your quiz as per the passage given in your favourite books, just sharpen your verbal-reasoning abilities or you can also play a few mathematical PC games to help you in boosting the numerical reasoning skills.

Practice, Practice & Practice

Go for the practice package available for you at take my online sales tests online. It is the best way to get prepared for the test before applying for the job. 


Copying the salesman you always wanted to be can mentally help you in boosting up your skills & confidence. You can add your family member in this game to finish a role-play exercise. You can take feedback from them & increase your selling skills.


Better interpersonal skills and capability to communicate proficiently with any customer, makes the sales person a great asset for the company. Few other strength that are needed can be: confidence, determination, flexibility and better understanding of current market scenario.

Skills that are very crucial for the sales job are: Effective communication, flexibility, determination, negotiation, & confidence.

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