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PricewaterhouseCoopers or PwC is one of the biggest professional service businesses of the world that helps various organisations & individuals in terms of providing them assurance, tax & advisory services. PwC has its presence in almost 155 plus countries & employing almost 280,000 plus people.

Careers opportunities at PwC

PwC is highly consistently as one of the biggest places of this world to work and it receives thousands of job applications every year. Only 40% of the total applicants pass the aptitude tests of PwC. Whether it is about making a career in auditing, law, consulting, tech, HR or any other field, the opportunities at PwC are huge.

At any stage of your career PwC is always a better place to work that helps you to grow in your field by investing in your personal development.

For UK’s brightest minds & talents there is always senior management roles and graduate schemes are available in PwC. Its hiring process may take up-to 6 weeks from the date of filling the application form online.

PwC Application Process contains:

  • Online Application from filing
  • Career Valuation Tests
  • Career Unlocked Assessment test
  • Numerical Reasoning Tests
  • Video based Interview
  • Virtual Assessment Day
  • And Partner/Manager Interview

Apart from that making good research about the company’s value &preferences will help you to tailor & shape your online application.

PwC will better assess you for many key competencies, those are:

  • Leadership quality:

    To show how easily you can guide others as per the work autonomously.

  • Business acumen:

    Important for almost every PwC employee that helps them to maintain PwC’s position as one such market leader.

  • Technical capability:

    It’s all about upholding the PwC’s standards in your job role or work.

  • Global acumen:

    Expect candidates to maintain global perspective in terms of thinking about big picture, adaptability to grow together with the business and embracing change.

  • Relationships:

    Checking candidate’s ability to build strong, effective working relationships and who is a good listener, behaves responsibly& can communicate effectively.

Online application

It is the first stage of PwC company’s job roles.

You need to fill in information related to your past education, working experience with answers to few motivational questions. Be honest & accurate while filling the online form.

The earlier you apply for the job roles the better will be chances to prepare fully for the next coming stages.


Career Valuation tests

It is a kind of situational judgement test that is common for every candidate who have applied forthe job roles at PwC. The PwC can better assess an ability to deal with challenges in the workplace and also how better you are among the competitors. Here you will be represented a series of challenges and word problems you have to solve them and choose the possibly correct answer. In order to be successful with this career valuation tests you need more and more practice.

The Career Unlocked assessment

For those who have passed earlier stage, this career unlocked assessment process is a game based assessment process that can be taken on PC or in your mobile application.

It is designed to showcase both numerical & logical reasoning skills in terms of examining how you will approach as well as answer to certain challenges. This game primarily look after the individual’s strengths & weaknesses.

Here total of 18 numerical & 20 logical reasoning questions will be asked. One of the best way to get prepared for these two is to practice as much as you can.

Right from taking calculated risks and identifying emotions to reacting accordingly, everything will be assessed. You will get overall score with your insight report by PwC.If you are getting better score in this assessment then you will be directly progressed towards the interview round and if you scores are not so good then you have to wait for further decisions.

The numerical reasoning test of PwC

It is certainly challenging but achievable with your practice & efforts.

Most of the questions here are of numerical reasoning type and you are expected to both analyse & calculate information from graph, ratios, percentage, fractions etc.Questions are time taking so it is very essential for you to make perfect balance between accuracy & speed.

The Video interview round of PwC

  • After scoring well and getting through the testing portion of PwC tests you will be taken into ‘Career Conversation’ round in terms of video interviews.
  • You need to dress smartly, speak clearly &should have better eye contact.
  • You need to sell yourself & represent your passion for making a career with PwC.

The Virtual assessment day

This is the final round of selection at PwC for various job roles. It involves visiting PwC office & meeting with other staff members and doing exercises like:

  • Written communication exercises:

    How well you are with taking instruction & following the briefing. Keep your handwriting as clear as possible.

  • Aptitude tests:

    Either you need to take new aptitude tests or you have to retake the test you took before with yet another chance to prove yourself.

  • In-tray exercise:

    It is an individual task or a group task to figure out the candidate’s proficiency to prioritizing the tasks & works efficiently under the pressure.

  • Presentation:

    Depends upon the role you are applying for, you need to read the information before giving your presentation and you don’t need any preparation for that.

Partner or manager level interview

It’s a one-to-one interview with the director or manager.

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