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Established in the year 1929, the company Unilever is the Joint British-Dutch consumer products company that has an employee base of 150,000 plus people. The company is having headquarter in Rotterdam & London.

Various career opportunities at the Unilever

You can have the opportunity to join Future Leadership Programme: 3-year initiative program particularly designed by the experts to prepare the upcoming graduates for the position of leadership in the market.

Different number of placement options are there like in sales & general business with the idea to equip the graduates with better skills & knowledge, and then progressing through various possible job roles in the company & become the leaders for the company in future.

No matter what sort of scheme you are following, it is better for you to showcase the evidences of the 4 key competencies at this recruitment process:

Growth mind-set– It is related to competitive leadership & giving an ambition, commitment as well as futuristic mind-set in order to drive future for the company.

Customer focus- Act according with the best possible expert and the interest of yours.

Bias for action- Capability to take decisions quickly & calculate the risk as per your needs.

Accountability & responsibility– Take responsibility whether it is good or bad in order to take part in the process of Unilever.

Whether your preferred job role is in the marketing, sales, HR, finance etc., you have to take help of best possible practices with take my online Unilever tests for me.

Unilever’s Recruitment Process

  • An Online Application
  • The Profile Assessment
  • The Video Interview
  • A Virtual Discovery Task

Online application

With separate webpage for hiring the candidates, the Unilever Company gives you an opportunity to highlight all your talent with their recruitment process. At their website you can see all the available positions. For finishing up the application process, you need to first create the personal account at their website and then you need to upload your latest or updated CV/resume to manage the applications. It is highly recommended for you to keep your resume clear, Short & relevant.

It takes help of STAR method in which Situation, Task, actions, Results are very important and you need to give answers as per this structure.

Profile assessment

It is mainly consisting of 5 online games which needs to be completed in 20 minutes. There is no experience required by you to get through with this test as you are going to be tested for your cognitive as well as emotional, social skills. You don’t need to find any right or wrong answers, instead these games are just meant to note down your reactions to the various possible scenarios under the time limit. You can try out the take my online Unilever tests for me services in order to practice a lot for your test. The games makes the recruitment process fair & effective.

The Digital interview round

Once your resume or CV is being shortlisted from the pool of candidates, the next important round of assessment is personal interview round. This can be either telephonic or video interview round for the recruitment process in regards to multiple different job-roles is a formality to finish interview process at the desired locations & with allocated the hiring manager also.

It will be 1-to-1 interaction from the video call, voice call or zoom call anything. Overall questions here can be of typical behavioral aspects based or career-related questions with some sort of technical questions. You can also record your entire process with better optimized help or re-recording or yourself with great performance.

It is a good thing to get good grasp over the company’s profile with their mission statements and goals for getting over the job roles and cracking personal interview round easily.

All you need to do is to highlight:

  • Ability to solve certain issues
  • Effective Knowledge about the Unilever Company, their brands, objectives, values.

A Business thinking process

This process is all about doing some research work that can help you out to stand tall in the competition. Look for the core values of the company, their objectives, social stance as well as the competition present in the market.

The Virtual Discovery Section

It is the final stage of recruitment, in which you are going to be assessed based on your experience, working knowledge, your strength and exactly what you have for the company.

A candidate can expect following exercises:

  • A project meeting
  • Short meeting along with the senior managers
  • Team meeting
  • Short meeting with line manager

The sole purpose of the meeting is to familiarise the candidate with a particular life at the Unilever, but also to give potential employers a chance to assess your professionalism, ability to work as a team and what personal strengths you might bring to the team.

Remember these points while appearing in this section:

  • Be proactive
  • Be attentive
  • Be gracious
  • Be punctual
  • Be inquisitive

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