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One of the most renowned global brand BDO is an accountancy & business advisory firm with better effective solutions.

Multiple Career opportunities at BDO

Starting from tax to the forensic services, the Company BDO offers multiple graduate level programmes in the wide range of business areas.

The BDO Application Process for candidates:

  • An Online Application form
  • A Psychometric Tests
  • Personal Interview
  • Assessment Day

An online Application form

BDO selection process starts with the basic assessment of personal details with the help of an online application form that has to be filled by the candidate with its own personal details. Be honest and accurate while filling up the application form for your selection.

The BDO Numerical Reasoning Tests

It basically comprises of multiple series of numerical reasoning questions which needs to be answered perfectly within the specific period of time and can vary from one company to another. In this numerical reasoning test the questions can be related to percentages, graphs, tables from which you will asked upon analysing and choosing correct answer from the set of various MCQ based questions.

The tests is designed by the experts to assess candidate’s numerical skills.

The BDO Verbal Reasoning Tests

In this test, in particular you have to figure out the correct answer from the set of series of questions under the specified time period that can vary from one organisation to other.

With BDO’s verbal reasoning assessment tests, you will be represented with the long series of paragraph based questions, here you need to read & then answer accordingly. The options you are getting with it can be “true, false or can’t say”. The test is take by the Company BDO to analyse your analytical skills.

The BDO Diagrammatic or Logical Reasoning Tests

Diagrammatic & logical reasoning test by BDO mainly comprises of multiple questions in relation to sequence of shapes & patterns. With each question a missing term is there, you are provided with various number of answers and you need to choose the one which will be the most accurate answer. The BDO diagrammatic can analyse your problem solving skills.

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The BDO Group Exercise

It mainly demonstrate, how a candidate can work & perform as a team. The information will be handed over the group in terms of case study or particular scenario in relation to BDO Company & your group needs to find the desired solution.

Here, company look for the candidate that can show a nice between making a point and speaking up without any dominance.

The BDO E-tray Exercise

Here, a candidate will be asked upon handling the e-mails in terms of reading, writing, and prioritizing them for finishing up multiple tasks. The tasks given to you are truly the representatives of what you might expect to undertake for your work or business.

The BDO E-tray exercise can assess your written skills, communication skills & decision making skills under the pressure of multiple tasks.

The BDO Presentation

Here, you would be preparing for the presentation on particular topic and you need present it in front of assessment team and also requested to answer the questions from that presentation to showcase your perfect knowledge about the company.

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