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The Cubiks is the international assessment company with multiple products utilized by the businesses of over 50 plus countries worldwide for the candidate-selection, talent management, and development. The Cubiks assessment rounds are very reliable and can also be recognised under balanced, easy-to-analyse & straightforward.

What exactly is Cubiks test?

The Cubiks Company produces wide array of online assessment tests which is helpful for the selection as well as screening of candidates. Apart from this, it is also useful for identification as well as development of any existing talent. It is one of the most intelligent psychometric assessment provider and also a prime choice for various big firms & smaller companies.

The Cubiks tests 

This section has many categories which is broadly classified into the questions in terms of specified skills. Here, every-question-pack can be utilized separately or with combination of career job roles. Here, the Logics -tests is based on numerical, verbal, abstract or in other combination of advanced level of test.

PAPI or Personality & Preferences Index is a type of questionnaire mainly used to assess various skill set as per the job role. A Situational Judgement round or SJT is used by various companies to better assess the candidates as per their skills and who they will deal with the multiple work-related situations for getting the leadership position.

The Logiks’s tests

This test round is intuitive & can offer an interface to candidates which is very easy to understand. Logiks tests are available as general assessments that include questions on verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning, at both Intermediate and Advanced levels.

This section is divided into different sub-sections out of which first one is verbal in which you will be getting a time duration of 4 minutes for completing around 24 questions. Along with this thing, a numerical reasoning round will take the assessment of 16 questions for 4 minutes and at last abstract reasoning section that is having 10 questions with 4 minutes of timing.

The advanced level of Logiks General-section is somewhat similar to an intermediate section with 3 different sub sections.

The first section is of 20 minutes with 12 questions from verbal, 8 from numerical & 10 questions from abstract reasoning section. There are separate tests for every skill set with the advanced level of questions.

The Logiks’s verbal reasoning assessment

Effective communication skills are very important for any individual who wants to join any industry. Candidates are expected to effectively translate the complex results or data, rectify and identify the issues or problems & better your communication for giving out best possible results with the sales job roles. The verbal reasoning test will be of moderate level with main focus on finding out the solutions to numerical problems.

With the help of given information inside the passage, you are invited to give your responses in terms of ‘true’, ‘false’, ‘cannot say’. You don’t need to provide any additional information or facts here only information provided in the passage is enough.

You don’t need any prior knowledge as entire information is given correctly. You just need to find it effectively without any hesitation.

Logiks’s numerical reasoning section

A numerical reasoning test by the Logiks’s Company for further examination of the candidates is primarily designed by experts in order to effectively measure & level-off their numerical skills, speed, accuracy and alertness for resolving questions of related topics like ratio, basic arithmetic, graphs, percentage, tables etc. You will be provided with a set of unique questions & are requested to determine correct answers within the short period of time. ExamsHelpers experts can let you easily get prepared for this test with “Take My Online Logiks tests for Me” services online.

With Logiks’s numerical reasoning test you will face almost 20 questions for 20 minutes.

The Logiks’s abstract reasoning tests

It determines the candidate’s ability to better recognise the given patterns, shapes, structure and then make use of that information for finding out the reasonable deductions in terms of what comes next. For effective assessment, look carefully at the given patterns so that you can understand how it actually before going for the prediction of next shape. The test here will be the multiple-choice test.

Here, you will face 30 questions that needs to be answered in around 15 minutes.

PAPI’s personality assessments

The Personality & Preferences Index or PAPI test is the personality assessment round which is used by the experts to create the assessment for various candidates based on the companies requirement for assessing how a candidate can behave in the workplace.

The test is primarily designed by professionals to clearly find-out how better your character is/how well a candidate is going as per the desired job role/ how fit a candidate is for the different job roles, for the company in which you wish to apply. One of the most crucial aspect to consider is to showcase how good you are at selling.

PAPI N test: A type of pre-employment process with no wrong or right answers to find out. It is untimed but still takes around 25 to 30 minutes for the candidates to complete it.

The API I test: Useful for the assessment of individual’s preferences & personalities at the workplace. Similar to PAPI-N test, it takes around 30 to 35 minutes.

Situational assessment round 

Cubiks Situational assessment process is actually a brief introduction of the scenarios faced by the candidates as well as some possible actions to perform. If you are a candidate then you have to select necessary steps as per the effectiveness in order to deal with certain situations in a right manner.

For a candidate, this is a great way to demonstrate their problem-solving and leadership skills, as well as getting some insight into the role they are applying for.

Cubiks Situational assessment round is simply a type of online assessment which is particularly suitable for different job roles under the organisation ranging from supervisory to the upper management.

Employees who uses the Cubiks Assessment tests 

The National Audit Office of NAO that is the independent group for auditing governmental & parliamentary policies & agencies makes use of Cubiks test to better assess the skillset of the candidates prior to the interview rounds in a recruitment process.

Apart from that a multinational company Shell makes use of Cubiks’s tests at their recruitment process for various job roles.

There are various other companies who uses the Cubiks tests, few of them are:

  • Deutsche Bank
  • EY
  • Scania
  • Arcadis
  • NHS
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • DHL

Methods to get prepared for the Cubiks tests

As Cubiks test doesn’t need any prior knowledge or training, so you don’t need to worry about getting extensive knowledge prior to the recruitment. Just be sure to have a better sleep during the final day of Cubiks’s assessment to prepare well for multiple test. Apart from that, have a decent place (preferably a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed) and at last leave yourself for the assessment tests in case you are facing any issue like net connectivity.

Process to get through the Cubiks section


Go for the practice package available for you at take my online Cubiks tests online. It is the best way to get prepared for the test before applying for the job. 

Prepare well

Try something new and get out of your comfort zone by asking your friend or family member to take your quiz as per the passage given in your favourite books, just sharpen your verbal-reasoning abilities or you can also play few mathematical PC game to help you in boosting the reasoning skills. Apart from that, minimizing the distractions can help you to stay focused & increase your performance.

Read each & everything before the assessment begins 

You will not find any tricky questions with various Cubiks tests, just all you need to do is to figure out the best possible answers as per instructions given in the questions or with the information provided. Just make sure to read to the instructions carefully & then answer the questions accordingly.

Don’t rush Just Be quick

In case during the test, if a question is putting a lot of stress on you then just take a deep breath, rewind your mind and think again. At the time of solving MCQ based questions just try to delete some incorrect answers & then read possible answers in order to change your perspective & to bring out a right answer.

Make use of the given questions to help yourself 

You can use the given information for determining the answer in a quick & correct manner, you just need to find the right one. This can be a table, graph, chart etc. with the numerical reasoning section, any text on verbal reasoning section or a block of text. Just make use of statements, or other relevant information with the question in order to help you out throughout the recruitment process.


For having a valuable recruitment tool, a psychometric assessment should be challenging to fit into the needs of recruitment process. Cubiks test is challenging because its overall structure is completed and for that practice is important. If you get familiarised to the overall structure & language used for the test format then it becomes very easy for you to focus around determining the right answers.

The intermediate level of Logiks’s test will take around 12 minutes and apart from that the advanced level will take around 20 minutes.

For the verbal reasoning section as well as for numerical reasoning section of Advanced level you will be given 25 minutes. The Abstract reasoning section of advanced level is around 15 minutes in length. Here, the PAPI test section is of unlimited & PAPI-N test will takes around 20-30 minutes. At last the PAPI-I takes 30–35 minutes.

The Cubiks’s tests is of online nature and one can complete it from anywhere. For some of the employers, this round can be taken at the assessment centre. If you are taking online then a link can be sent to you.

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