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One of the most successful and globally recognized tech innovation Company Microsoft is the leading manufacture of Windows software and other related applications.

Various career options at Microsoft Company

The Microsoft Corp. is the forefront of solutions related to the multinational technology experts company that actually develops, licenses, manufactures, sells and support the computer software like Excel and other related things like consumer electronics, PC’s and its relevant services.

The Microsoft Company’s Application Process

  • An Application Form
  • The Online Psychometric assessment
  • The Interactive Interview process with video or voice
  • The Skype Interview
  • The Assessment Centre

The Microsoft Company’s Numerical Reasoning Round

The numerical reasoning section for the recruitment at Microsoft mainly consist of different varieties of questions related to topics like percentage, tables, graphs, pie charts etc. Here, you are going to be asked about finding the correct answer from the set of multiple answers given. The test to taken to analyse your abilities to choose the important information in a right manner.

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Microsoft Company’s Verbal Reasoning assessment

This comprises of series of unique set of paragraphs that candidates are requested to read as well as give answers accordingly with better accuracy. Your responses can be in the form of True, cannot define, false. This section is surely being able to assess your entire reading comprehension skills, analytical skills & language understanding skills.

The Diagrammatic or Logical Reasoning round by Microsoft

Microsoft Company’s diagrammatic assessment section as well as logical reasoning section is mainly consisting various types of series of questions to be asked from the candidates in terms of graphical representation like shapes, patterns, charts, tables etc. Here, the question are consisting of one or two missing steps which you need to figure out with the logic you derive & then conveniently select your answers as per the logic applied.

The Microsoft Company’s Logical reasoning assessment process is very easy and you don’t not need to be panic as we are here to solve all your queries with services regrading take my online Microsoft tests for me in a better way.

Microsoft Company’s situational assessment test

With the Situational assessment round of Microsoft Company you have to face various questions in relation to different sets of questions that are mainly linked to assessment of students in terms of various hypothetical situations. These situations can be faced by you while you are the workplace or working environment of Microsoft.

Just be sure to provide variety of values with good behavior in order to get assessed for skills you have. The cultural aspects of Microsoft Corp will let you know what qualities that you should have in yours to perform well in the workplace.

The different scenarios in relation to the workplace will be given in front of you and you will be assessed on the basis of how you are going to react by giving correct answers to different set of questions asked from you, so that you can get access to next stage as soon as possible. Total time duration allotted to you will be of 20-30 minutes.

Microsoft Company’s E-Tray exercise

The E-tray exercise of Microsoft mainly contains an exercise where you will get some raw or dummy e-mails that are expected to read thoroughly from your end and then prioritize well after processing those e-mails in order to complete the task of assessment on a given period of time. This test can be a synonym of your job roles offered to you. The section examining your interpersonal skills, written skills, decision making capability, and multitasking skills.

Microsoft Company’s Assessment Centre

  • The assessment centre is the last step you need for getting through the recruitment process.
  • This may be required your whole day for getting into the skills & expertise.
  • Mix of different activities for either individuals or group.
  • Typical face to face assessment for figuring out the key strength that is very crucial for multiple job roles.
  • Group Exercises are meant to show good balance between your leadership as well as teamwork spirit.
  • Presentation abilities are important for showcasing your ability to speak up confidently to the public with plethora of information to be presented.

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