Pay Someone to Take My Wonderlic Tests Online

A Wonderlic Test is the IQ based pre-employment round in which you need to answer almost 50 questions with a time duration of 12 minutes. The Wonderlic Quicker test or WPT-Q is the shortest version of the Wonderlic test that contains around 30 questions with a total time duration of 8 minutes.

The only difference is of length between the two and rest of the things are the same. A Wonderlic Test section can be known by different names & versions. A Wonderlic Personnel-Test or WPT, and a Wonderlic Cognitive-Ability round or CAT etc. all are same with different names.

You need a better strategy & different approach to solving the questions carefully in a calm & composed manner. You can easily boost your score with take my online Wonderlic tests for me without any hesitation.

There are three fundamental Wonderlic-tests preparation methods you need to adopt:

The most important one-Accuracy

This is the section where you will face simulated questions on real Wonderlic practice tests.

New skills adaptation

With the help of some of the brilliantly developed special quality of tools in order to make sure, candidates can fully understand the approach & how to solve each & every question correctly.

Reducing the anxiety

You need to practice a lot under real Wonderlic test based time-constraint in order to perform well in the test under pressure.


Lest each one of them in a detailed manner:

The Wonderlic Test-Preparation Tip-1: Accuracy

In this section, questions are divided into four categories:

  • Mathematics weightage around 40%
  • The Verbal Skills takes around 40% weightage
  • The Logical Reasoning section 5%-15%
  • And General Knowledge as well as Quick-Recognition section 5%-15%

With each of the discussed categories, you need to cover different types of questions in a best possible manner in terms of pay someone to take my online Wonderlic tests for me services online. You can surely improve your success rate with better practice tests.

The Wonderlic Test-Prep Tip-2: New Skills adaptation

In order to better progress in the online test, only knowing the types of questions in the Wonderlic-Personnel-Tests is not sufficient, you also need to have a better understanding of methods to solve them correctly without any mistakes. If you get it then you can grab the logic behind each one of them correctly and in no time. You can easily deal with similar type of questions with some great practice work.

In order to address the new skills adaptation work, you can make use of two impressive tools:-

  • The Wonderlic test Guidance
  • And Wonderlic Solutions stepwise & explanation

Wonderlic Solutions stepwise & explanation

The Wonderlic practice test questions is having stepwise solutions of the Wonderlic test in a detailed manner. Here every step can be explained under logically defined solutions.

This will give you true essence of learning & understanding under the different skills. You can easily learn about the different mechanism & how to utilize them exactly.

The Wonderlic test Guidance

This is the full guidance that can help you in solving variety of questions under the different types of techniques & tips for every question. Under the vast variety of experts you can have a lot of experience & extensive guidance without any hesitation. The test guidance will give you different Wonderlic-Test categories as well as question types in order to teach you with useful & straightforward tactics for better solving every type.


The Wonderlic Test-Preparation Tip-3: Reducing the Anxiety

The Wonderlic test section contains 50 questions and that has to be solved under 12 minutes, so you are getting 14 seconds/question.

So, it is really hard for you to keep your concentration level up for all 12 minutes straight forward. This might looks small yet you have to keep the speed with you throughout the section. Your race to solve all the 50 questions under 12 minutes will start as soon as the clock starts ticking. It is better for you to overcome your anxiety in that process for better performance.

Various other Wonderlic Tests:

A Wonderlic Scholastic-Level-Exam or SLE

It is used by different companies in their recruitment process for the better assessment of candidates who are enrolled in various universities of United States. This universities runs different programs for better recruitment of candidates.

A Wonderlic Basic-Skill based Test or BST

Utilized by the companies for the identification of students as well as job applicants in terms of fundamental written & numerical abilities. This section is having 50 English & 45 mathematical questions. With 20 seconds for every question, it is more challenging to do even with no use of calculator.

A Wonderlic Subway Test

It is very popular test that delivers the pre-employment process with cognitive abilities which can be later on used by the recruiter as the selection tool with Subway franchise. The Subway franchise-assessment round will have a Wonderlic Basic-Skill based Test or WBST.

It can be used as the evaluation tool in order to assess candidates on the basis of general skills in relation to the capabilities of candidate’s performance at the workspace. This section will measure your basic language as well as math skills.


This section is having almost 50 MCQ’s with reading & language based questions.

  • A Sentence Construction
  • Information Retrieval
  • The Grammatical skills
  • The Vocabulary knowledge
  • A Reading Comprehension abilities


This section contains 50 MCQ’s with numerical-reasoning & general math questions.

  • Fractions
  • The Applied Word Problems
  • Geometry & Measurement
  • Numbers & Operations
  • Algebra
  • A Data Interpretation


Top 5 Tips for Wonderlic test:-

  • Take the guess as there is no negative marking
  • No use of Calculator, so practice a lot
  • Know things to consider
  • Keep calm
  • Do Practice a lot


Different sorts of questions for the Wonderlic-Personnel-Test or Cognitive-Ability-Test are:-

  • A Spatial Reasoning
  • The Speed questions
  • A Verbal reasoning set
  • The Math Word-Problems

This is the section that will mainly focuses on the cognitive SKILLS just like the mini ‘IQ’ Test.