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One of the leading biopharmaceutical company Pfizer is the biggest prouder and developer of life saving medicines, vaccines, and various other healthcare products around the world. With offices in various countries, it has more than 2k employees working in this company alone in the UK.

Various career growth at Pfizer

Being the largest multinational biopharmaceutical company, Pfizer can deliver you a wide range of opportunities at all the stages of career options, starting from apprentice undergraduates to the highly experienced educated professionals.

With its varied departments that mainly covers research & development work, marketing, technology & sales work, law, international operations etc. are few among many. Pfizer can you offer its employees a brilliant ongoing learning, a mentoring programme, development opportunities, as well as various individual career options to choose from. With its competitive package of benefits and compensation, you will never get disappointed.

The Pfizer’ careers site will give you better insight to the multiple career options.

The Pfizer Application Process

  • An Online application form & CV submission
  • The Numerical reasoning tests
  • Verbal reasoning tests
  • A Situational judgement test
  • Assessment centre

The process here can be lengthy and you will be likely sitting in the series of tests together with 2-3 interviews, via telephone, in- person or video. At last the hiring process also involves the process for the assessment centre.

Right from the beginning of submitting an application online to receiving the job offer, hiring process may take up-to 3 months.

An Online application form and CV submission

You need to submit your CV electronically through Pfizer’s careers webpage on their website. It is better recommended for you to create a profile before submitting CV & cover letter. Just follow simple instructions for filling it completely along with the preferred vacancy. After successfully submitting the profile, it will be saved directly to the Pfizer recruitment database.

The HR department will then access your application & can contact you directly for further details like your qualification & experience as per the particular job role.

The Pfizer numerical reasoning tests

It is a test to assess your mathematical skills also an ability to analyse or interpret the given numerical data. Different roles across the company Pfizer can also be related to the work of handling the data and that is why it is important for the company to include numerical reasoning section as part of the application process for various job roles.

The information can be given in the form of tables, charts, paragraphs etc. The test will be of multiple-choice questions and a time limit will be there.

For more details on the section-wise test of Pfizer you can take help of take my online numerical reasoning test for me on your behalf.

The Pfizer verbal reasoning tests

It can measure how well you can be in terms of analysing & comprehending the written information given in the form of short passages.

Each set of information will be followed by a single question that may ask you to figure out whether the given statement is false, true or likely impossible to find it as per the given details. t is basically used by the company to assess your language understanding and your critical thinking abilities to draw correct conclusions. These skills are very important for every job role at Pfizer.

The Pfizer situational judgement tests

It’s a kind of psychometric-assessment process & will assess the students on the basis of required job roles or for the job role you have applied. This process can easily determine how one can easily apply judgement as well as make decisions on the basis of given information.

With different hypothetical situations presented in front of you, you are asked to choose accurate or appropriate solutions/action from the given list of options for determining correct set of solutions.

Apart from that, you are also requested to record or rank given responses in the form of highly effective to least effective for some cases.

Given questions here, can easily look after the ability to handle some conflict, overcome few challenges, resolve problems & act smartly upon different situations.

There is no wrong answer or a right answer, you just need to record your responses so that the recruiter can easily understanding whether you are a right candidate or not for the particular job role.

A Pfizer assessment centre

After completing the initial assessment rounds and various interview sessions via phone or video assessment, only the successful candidates will be invited for the Pfizer assessment centre round.

It can take place at the Pfizer office itself or at any external venue with multiple group exercises to determine the workplace simulations that will be taken by Pfizer managers.

This process my take whole day and Pfizer professionals are going to observe candidate’s qualities or capabilities like leadership skills, interpersonal skills, commercial knowledge & awareness and at last analytical thinking capabilities.

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