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With one of largest mining companies of this world, the BHP Billiton Company mainly works on the natural resources area with headquarter is in Melbourne, Australia. The company has the employee base of over 70,000 that are residing in 90 plus locations with wide range of job opportunities.

Different career opportunities for the Candidates at BHP Billiton

A candidate can apply for the different job roles at this company in terms of engineering, finance, geology, operations, technology and legal areas.

Every year, company welcomes different applications for the 18-month employee graduate programme that is open for the students with wide range of degrees (undergraduate) like technology, health science, marketing, science and engineering. For getting better success at the selection process of this company, you need to showcase different key constraints set up by the BHP with strong academic history, critical thinking abilities & commitment to follow different core values of the company like:

Sustainability: Being Aware about the environmental responsibilities, health, safety & community requirements.

Respect: Maintaining Mutual beneficial partnership that is completely built on the trust.

Integrity: Acting with better transparency with a socially important responsibilities.

Simplicity: This focuses on different key problems with some great impacts.

Performance: Effectively pushing up the boundaries in order to get exceptional results.

Accountability: Under taking full responsibility of the actions & commitments.

The BHP Billiton’s Recruitment Rounds:

There are several stages that you need to go through if you have already applied for the student internship or graduate programme in this company. It has many different steps to follow with rigorous recruitment rounds. The assessment here particularly depends on the roles applied for & what sort of experience you possess for demonstration.

  • An Online application form
  • The Numerical reasoning section
  • The Verbal reasoning test
  • An Inductive reasoning test
  • Personal Video interview
  • The Assessment centre Round

An Online application

This is the very first step of recruitment at the BHP Billiton Company. You have to upload your resume online at their website & once after the completion of your information, you need to upload all the information on their portal. There is no need to worry about the cover letter because the company does not demand you this thing.

The take my online BHP Billiton tests for me services will better request you to frame your answers with the core values of the company’s like respect, simplicity, accountability, performance, integrity, & sustainability.

The online application submitted by the candidate is going to be filtered by the Talent Acquisition team of BHP because of higher volume of applications submitted online and this process can take several days to finish the assessment. Once after successfully submitting your application online, you will be called for taking multiple series of SHL aptitude tests.

BHP’s The Numerical reasoning Section

Here, the total of 20-25 questions are needs to be answered with the time limit of 20 minutes for the topics like graphs, tables, percentages etc. Here you can be asked to perfectly analyse the provided data & then choose the correct answer from the list of answers. No need of any prior high level maths knowledge only school level maths will be sufficient.

BHP’s Verbal reasoning Section 

The verbal reasoning section taken by the company BHP mainly consists of different types of paragraphs and you need to read as well as understand them carefully for answering the questions in a clear cut manner. Here the options can be false, true or cannot determine. This round can better assesse your reading comprehension skills, analytical skills, language understanding skills & at last grammatical skills. You can practice for these sort of questions at our website with take my online BHP Billiton tests for me.

BHP’s Inductive reasoning Section 

Based on the delivered limited information to you, in this assessment test, you have to make some inferences. The information presented here is usually in the form of patterns, diagrams, and sequences. You can practice more about his section with take my online BHP Billiton tests for me and then answer for different variety of questions.

The Video interview Round

After going through the different rounds of assessment for the particular job roles at their website, you need to face the video interview round, if you got notification from the BHP Company about your selection or in case you have been shortlisted.

This round of assessment will include the short interview that will last for 30 minutes & here you will be facing generalise questions related to the availability & expectations of job position. The assessors will try to know little more about your past, your career in order to determine whether you are fit for the job role at Hays or not. You need to prepare well for this interview in a similar fashion to 1-to-1 face interview.

The Assessment centre Round

It is normally a mix of group or individual exercises in order to measure the candidate’s alignments with the competency framework of BHP Billiton Company. It can vary from one job role to another, but this is important for you to get prepared fully for all types of scenarios to stand out from the other competitors.

General Face-to-face interaction 

This final round of BHP recruitment application for the different job roles is just to complete the interview process at desired location and with allocated hiring manager. This can be 1 to 1 interaction via person meet with the questions can be of general behavioural aspects or career-related questions, technical questions etc.

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