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With around 40 & above retail spaces in the UK, the John Lewis is one the largest network of the departmental stores in retail section.

Various career goals you can achieve with John Lewis

The John Lewis has been regularly named as the best place to work for the graduates. The company’s mission is to train the futuristic business leaders of this world & offering graduate level programs in terms of friendly, cutting edge and experienced environment with different areas of the partnership. It has best possible, unique working culture and company allows employees to be a part of their own business and thus creating the high competition among the working professionals.

The John Lewis’s recruitment process

  • The Online Application
  • Video Interview-Online
  • The Assessment Centre
  • And Final round of Interview

The online form fill-up round

The first step associated with the recruitment of candidates for the various job ropes at John Lewis involves creation of your personal profile at the website and then logging into the website of John Lewis for filling up the online application form for the respective job role. Here you need to submit your personal details along with some academic information in regards to your career, experience details, contact details etc.

The John Lewis’s Psychometric Tests

This contains two main sections i.e. Verbal reasoning section as well as Numerical reasoning section.

  • The John Lewis’s verbal reasoning section
  • The John Lewis’s numerical reasoning section

These two sections in brief are given below:

The John Lewis’s verbal reasoning section

It is a bit complicated as compared to non-verbal reasoning test. Here, the questions are designed to assess your ability of verbal comprehension, communication abilities & also an analysis of text reading accurately & quickly. Here every candidate is presented with the list of reading passages that will be followed by particular set of questions. You have to select response from true, false, can’t determine options.

The John Lewis’s numerical reasoning section

With SHL’s numerical reasoning section for the John Lewis Company, mainly ask the candidates different set of questions in the MCQ format and you are requested to finish the test within a stipulated period of time. There can be different varieties of topics like tables, percentages, graphs, etc. for which the questions can be asked. You need to analyze the given data & select correct answer. You don’t need kind of prior experience or knowledge for taking care of this section, you just need school level mathematics knowledge. With Take My Online Irwin Test for me, you can get better services and you can get easy to go preparations for the assessment center round. All the questions asked can be asked once again during the assessment centre round.

The John Lewis’s Value added Questionnaire

This section is basically taken by the company to exactly find out the moral decision of the candidates or in other words which element guides the moral decision of the individuals. Along with this, other things that are being assessed in this round are: Important values in the life of any candidate, true colours of the candidates etc.

Here, candidate will be presented with the different possible situations that may happen to you during the job roles you are performing at John Lewis workspace. You are expected to deliver sound & written responses.

The John Lewis’s Situational assessment round 

In this test you will face different variety of challenging scenarios that are particularly followed by various possible responses in relation to each scenario. Here, total duration of test is around 30 minutes.

The John Lewis’s virtual video Interview

The final round of assessment for the John Lewis’s recruitment process mainly contains an interview round to complete as per the different job roles at the designated location and it will be taken by the allocated manger. It can be either 1-1 interaction in terms of video call, zoom call or any other mode. The questions here asked will be in relation to general behavior, technical as well as career related.

The John Lewis’s Assessment Centre round

The assessment centre exercise contains the form of Group Exercise by John Lewis. This Assessment Centres exercise is actually a mix of individuals as well as group activities. As per your job role or the position you have applied for you need to prepare fully for this exercise.

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