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The Train Operating-Companies or TOCs are processing various rigorous recruitment rounds for the trainee drivers today. They just want to make sure that the candidates they are going to hire and better skilled & have the courage to justify their job roles. Different challenging scenarios are there that you need to go through. You can have a closer look with this guide.

What exactly the train driver selection tell you?

Most of the time train driving recruitment makes use of psychometric assessment tests to make sure that only effective candidates will go ahead for the next round of assessments. You need to have analytical skills, written skills and numerical skills for handling the train driving skills.

In case you are applying for the job of train drive then it is important for you to practice questions in relation to situational awareness a lot which is the most important section of recruitment for this thing. Apart from that you need to be good in terms of cognitive skills, and well known the standard safety measures to follow.

Following tests are important for you to consider:

The recruitment process for the train-driver job role

  • Numerical reasoning 
  • Logical reasoning 
  • Verbal reasoning 
  • Assessment centre

Train driver’s mechanical reasoning section

The Mechanical reasoning section measure the understanding of few mechanical principles as well as your ability to apply those principles to clearly solve the given problem. You need to be aware about the concepts like pulleys, levers, gears, force & movement, & various other relevant technical aspects of the job role you are handling. Questions will be presented in the form of diagrams, illustrations and then you have to identify correct responses for every question prompted at effective speed and accuracy.

Trainability for the Rules & Procedures Test or TRP

With this section of assessment, you will be tested upon an ability to interpret, retain, understand as well as apply the given information correctly. The TRP test has two subparts: the 1st one deals with the task of processing the written as well as verbal information in terms of an audio clip, you have listen to it carefully. Also, you have to read the information written on a sheet of paper with the similar topic of an audio clip. You are requested to give answers to different MCQ’s as per the information. You can recall it from your memory as notes made will be removed during a question paper.

With the 2nd part: you will work under the visual information in terms of colour-coded dials & reference keys that actually list the priority order for perfectly reading those dials. Once again, you are requested to give answers to the questions given in terms of series of MCQ after interpreting the information exactly.

The Group Bourdon’s test

The group Bourdon’s test is a part of psychomotor-testing and it is visually & mentally challenging. It has the ability to measure your concentration & observing power under a time pressure. It can be either pen or paper based test or a digitalised version with PC. No matter what version you are facing, you will be presented with the page or (screen on PC) that will contain 25 columns divided into the boxes. In each box you will see either 3, 4, 5 or 6 dots can be arranged under different patterns. Start your scanning from left to right & pick those boxes that are having 4 dots. The time duration for doing this task will be 2 minutes for every single page and there will be total of around 5 pages.

Test for Everyday-Attention or TEA-OCC test

This is the test to challenge your auditory, visual observation, concentration, multi-tasking ability as well as an ability to completely follow the instructions.

This section is divided into 3 different subparts. 1st one will be focused around auditory processing in which you will have to hear multiples beeps being played at the random with varying tones (high and low). You need to count the low tones beeps you hear. In the 2nd part you will be given a grid that contains different pieces of data like in the form of directory-listing. You are requested to match the certain criteria from the given series of prompts telling you to perfectly identify the grid entries.

Third section has the combination of both the sections discussed above. Perform the work of searching a grid entry for the identification of relevant entries as well as count the beeps both at a time. Focus & accuracy is must for this section.

The Traffic perception round or ATAVT

It is the measure of a candidate’s perception skills and it will be a computer-based assessment in which you will be given an image mostly showing the street scene and you have to take as much data as you can from this scene. With every image or scene you are facing, you will be provided a varying list of items that can be in the scene or cannot. You have to identify those things that you believe was present in the visual information you have seen.

The Vigilance tests

The ability to stay focused & alert all the time is what a train driver job role needs. The vigilance test is designed by the experts to perfectly measure your alertness. With different variations, this computer assessment involves grey Coloured Square on your screen that will change its shade intermittently. You have to observe the given square for half an hour and register the entry every time this changes its occurrence with a click of mouse button. Accuracy as well as response time both are crucial for this section & will be measured for determining the final score.

Train driver’s situational judgement round

This section of any company’s recruitment has a lot of challenging scenarios to deliver to the successful candidates who have cleared previous sections completely. The scenarios given here are just similar to the one you may face during your workplace. There can be number of responses possibly to that particular situation, candidate need to select the best one that can fit into the scenario easily. Apart from that, this test can figure out how you will react to those situations. It is important for you to read the data carefully and then analyse that information without any hesitation. You can also take a lot of practice packages with take my online train driver tests for me online.

The Written communication round

With this sort of written communication round, you will be assessed in terms of proficiency in English language in order to perform your duties well and thus making coherent incident reports. Fairly straightforward in nature, this section needs you to make a brief draft in terms of written- explanation as per the given visual prompt or passage of textual information.

Amazing Tips on how to be ready for your train driver assessment process

  • Study for your preparation-pack
  • Do a lot of Practice against the time 
  • Have a Balance speed together with great accuracy
  • Recreate your assessment day
  • Have a break for free mind

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