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The Mazars Company is one of the leading firm for global audit, consulting solutions and accounting services.

Multiple career opportunities at Mazars

The Mazars Company is an integrated, international, & independent firm that is specialised in advisory, audit, tax, and accounting services. The Mazars Company operates in 80 plus countries with 20k plus employees who are there to assist some of the major international groups, public sector bodies, and private investors in this world for every stage of the development.

The hiring process for the Mazars

  • An Online Application
  • A Psychometric Test
  • Interview
  • An Assessment Day

An Online Application

The online application starts with the submission of an online application where you will apply for the specified job role with basic details, experience and academics.

A psychometric assessment test

This section contains multiple varieties of tests:

Mazars’s Numerical Reasoning

It mainly comprises of certain questions related to the graphical questions, percentages, charts & tables in which you will be asked about analysing the data & then choosing the correct answer from the different sets of answers. The time limit can be 1 minute per question so you need to practice a lot with take my online Mazars tests for me with timely conditions which is so important for you. It is effectively designed by experts to measure the numerical abilities of a candidate. Kenexa is one of the best test providers of Mazars.

The verbal reasoning of Mazars

Here multiple series of verbal reasoning test questions are given in the form of paragraphs and you are required to read the questions and then find the answer conveniently. The responses can be true, false, can’t say. This verbal reasoning test is taken to better assess analytical skills. The questions here are timed so make sure to get the effective balance between answering the questions and also reading the passages. 

In order to gain higher level of practice you take help of our prime level services with take my online Mazars test for me.

The case study or written exercise of Mazars tests online

It is type of written case study and you will be assessed about written & communication skills for better analysis of candidate’s abilities. It is always evident for you to have better understanding of value and morals of Company and also how Mazars firm works with its little background knowledge.

Mazars Group Exercise

You are needed to showcase your best team-work abilities and skills and then you will be assessed for how you are going to perform inside the group, whether it is about showcasing your leadership skills or supportive skills. It is important for you to have good balance between your leadership skills & supportive skills without being dominant in your terms.

Mazars E-tray Exercise

E-tray exercise for the Mazars can easily assess all kinds of written skills, decision making skills as well as communication skills under a pressure of various tasks. All the candidates are required to handling different sorts of e-mails after going through each one of them in terms of reading, writing, as well as prioritizing them, in order to finish multiple tasks. All the tasks given are truly representation of what exactly you will expect in order to undertake the work or business.

Here all your verbal, written as well as decision-making abilities will be assessed.

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