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SHL is the most influential and the most preferred psychometric assessment service provider in the market across the world. Through SHL’s most promising and most cultivating approach to be followed under the psychometric assessment or talent-measurement service, SHL can easily deliver various employer recruitment based tools. With its wide range of ever impressive psychometric assessment questions, company helps different employers to easily follow specified formats/question types for effective assessment of total number of candidates participating in the recruitment process. The SHL assessment services are often administered by various industries as a crucial part of their recruitment/job-progression within business. Wide range of queries can be asked by SHL that mainly varies from the verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning to the behavioural & cognitive assessment.


The SHL or Saville-Holdsworth Ltd is one of the most brilliant talent assessment service provider and has wide experience of 40 years and more. The SHL was the 1st & foremost company to provide & develop the aptitude-tests for various companies present inside the market. The SHL operates in almost 150 plus countries & has publishing tests in almost 30 plus languages.

The SHL is one of the best agency for recruitment & highly regarded as the leading company in the market by major employers. If you need more cost effective & brilliant platform with native testing solutions then SHL has the excellent technology for better integration with the employer platforms.

What is the SHL test?

The SHL assessment test better assess the candidates on the basis of specified skills or aptitude abilities & typically contains occupational psychologists that makes use of scientific methodology as per the aggregation of the assessment as well as workplace information delivered by the employers. The SHL can deliver you handful of the free tests through their website where you can generally take most comprehensive series of different practice test-packages by SHL which includes explained solutions as well as some tips to follow for better improvement.

Who makes use of SHL tests?

Almost 70% of the top 100 companies present inside the market makes use of SHL as the sole publisher for their recruitment process online. You may face the SHL test in case you are applying to multiple companies with different job roles. Because of this popularity, the SHL gives valuable insights to the candidate’s personality together with the skills that the companies are looking forward to have in the individuals who are coming for the recruitment. Many financial firms, graduation based job roles and managerial job roles requires SHL aptitude section for finding the right candidate.

What are the different types of SHL’s aptitude tests & how exactly they work?

The SHL service provider delivers verbal, numerical, inductive, mechanical, deductive, and various other ability tests. These tests are defined in a detailed manner as:

The SHL’s numerical reasoning round

With SHL’s numerical reasoning section, a total of 20-25 questions are going to be asked and candidates are requested to give answers to the same within the time duration of 20 minutes with the topics like tables, percentages, graphs, etc. You need to analyze the given data & select correct answer. You don’t need kind of prior experience or knowledge for taking care of this section, you just need school level mathematics knowledge.

The SHL’s verbal reasoning section

The verbal reasoning test by specified company contains various types of paragraphs where you need to read & understand the given questions as per the required format with correct answers. You will be represented with the options like false, true, none of these or cant be determined. With this round all your reading comprehension skills, language understanding skills, grammatical skills as well as analytical skills, thus it is a good idea for you to get practiced about different set of questions at the ExamsHelpers portal to get better.

The SHL’s inductive reasoning section

Based on the given limited information in this assessment test, you have to make some inferences. The information presented here is usually in the form of patterns, diagrams, and sequences. Practice on different rules to answers these types of questions in our website.

SHL’s deductive reasoning section

You need to deduct the valuable information from the list of information available in the questions by using your logic & analytical thinking process.

The SHL’s general ability round

The General ability section by SHL mainly cover the wider range of abilities & skills together with cognitive skills like learning capacity & problem-solving capability. It can be either numerical or verbal as per the type of job role applied or applying for.

The SHL’s mechanical reasoning section

You are going to be assessed for everything in relation to the optics & electrics, fluids & mechanics.

SHL calculation tests

The Calculation tests mainly feature the questions in relation to mathematical formulas or maths skills in order to assess skills related to addition, subtraction, division & multiplication with quick & effective techniques.

The SHL’s personality as well as behavioural assessment 

There are 2 main types of tests comes under this category:

  • Personality Test
  • Situational assessment Test

For SHL’s graduate & managerial tests

For the Managerial & Graduate level Tests, the SHL mainly use 2 particular test-types that are discussed in short form as:

Verbal-Critical Reasoning section: with a written paragraph you need to read it & understand it clearly and then evaluate the given arguments provided to you in terms of text. Your answers can be true, false, cannot say.

Numerical-Critical Reasoning section: With given Tables & graphs, you are requested to work in accordance with the relevant data selection in terms of MCQ. Here your numerical ability as well as the decision making ability will get analysed.


Methods to pass the SHL Tests with some Key Tips:-

Practice a lot

With different types of free practice materials on the package available for the candidates, the SHL’s assessment online can be done at our platform. One can easily practice a lot with premium quality of packages available for the SHL platform. One of the best ways to get easily prepared for desired test before applying for the job.

Set a timer while practicing each & every day

Make sure to give proper time to each & every question, while taking time based test. We know that giving answers to each & every question correctly is very important but at the same time you need to be sure about having sufficient time for remaining questions that are doable.

Make sure you are prepared fully 

While practising for the different variety of questions, you should always focus on reviewing the given questions for at least once. You can also look for the ways to improve yourself by looking after the wrong answers.

Take a break

If a candidate is facing difficulty at any point of time for resolving the given questions or if any question is troubling you a lot at the time of taking test then hire expertise assistance from the ExamsHelpers portal. As far as MCQ type questions are concerned then you can give correct answers by removing wrong answers and find the possible answer for a better perspective.


You can do a good amount of practice for the SHL tests with the help of free test series available on their platform first and then move on to the deep practice & preparation in terms of specialist practice packages available one.

This particular test has the challenging scenario to clear and most of the time people get into the trouble if they don’t have any practice for the same. It is like an elimination process where most of the people gets out, so we can say that this will give us a clear idea about the strength & weaknesses of the candidate. You need to have a good amount of practice for creating a difference among your competition.

The SHL-tests is mainly scored in terms of percentage. Any scores of 40 to 50% can be considered as average that can let you to get through a test but not exactly fit for any particular employer. If you score 90% & above, there can be a chance that you can be under top 8-10% of the candidates, thus providing you a better chance to crack the recruitment process.

As per the job role, number of questions and their level the SHL tests may take 15-25 minutes to get completed. You can have not more than 60-90 seconds/question that means you need to have better practice of questions with online test packages to increase the accuracy & speed both.

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