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London based international organization, the Standard Chartered Bank is one of the largest Banking group around the world. It is generating nearly 90% of total profit from Africa, Asia & Middle east Countries. Formed in the year 1969, this Banking group nearly operates in more than 70 plus countries.

Various career opportunities at the Standard Chartered

The Standard Chartered Bank is one of the best banking group recognised across the world in terms of heritage & history. The bank values diversity as well as inclusivity and always support their employees by network promotion, gender equality & LGBT inclusivity.

Apart from that, this Banking Group also takes better care about their employees, related growth, private banking, career offerings in legal, human resources, retail banking and corporate affairs among the others.

Along with this thing, the Standard Chartered Banking Group also offering the internationally recognized internships & Graduate Programs for the candidates. There are extensive range of path to choose from and you can choose multiple offers in terms of take my online Standard Chartered tests for me in order to secure better position.

The recruitment process for Standard Chartered 

  • An Online application
  • The Situational strengths based assessment
  • The Numerical reasoning section
  • The Abstract reasoning Section
  • The HR interview
  • The Video interview
  • Face-to-face interaction round

An Online application submission

The Standard Charted Group is one of the most excellent organization and for its recruitment process you need to highlight your talent and amazing quality of academic skills on the go. On the website of Standard Charted Group you will be able to see different job roles and for the same you need to apply through the online application form submission by first creating personal account & then uploading update resume or CV with greatly managed application. It is better recommended for the students to keep resume short, relevant and clear without any complicated words of designing.

The Situational judgement test

The standard charted Group’s situational assessment round is one of the most challenging round to face and only good quality candidates can get through this section. This test contains a hardcore evaluation process where the candidates are requested to perform better in the same with different types of crucial components available for the assessment for designated job-roles, with varieties in total number of tests. Candidates are required to get themselves connected with the assessment process online. Different set of questions will be given and a candidate is requested to determine correct answers within the given period of time.  You are required to analyze and read the situations carefully at no worries. Also, you need to determine how you are going to react to certain given situations, so be careful in terms of your choices.

The Numerical reasoning section

With a total of 20-25 questions given, you will have 20 minutes at max to answer the questions for the topics like ratio, basic arithmetic, graphs, percentage, tables etc. You will be provided with a set of unique questions & are requested to determine correct answers within the short period of time without any need to avail higher level of knowledge for the mathematics subject. ExamsHelpers experts can let you easily get prepared for this test with desired services online.

The Abstract reasoning section

The Abstract reasoning test for the Standard Charted Company requires multiple questions to be answered by the candidates in relation to unique sequence of patters or shape to be recognized. Then you need to find out the correct answers in terms of what comes next. In each & every question a missing term will be given and a candidate is required to give particular answers from multiple answer choices in an accurate manner. Standard Charted abstract reasoning section needs effectively analyze problem solving abilities of the candidates. You can easily practice a lot for these types of questions at ExamsHelpers website with great help for the successive levels.

The HR interview Round

Scoring good marks in the psychometric assessment tests for standard Chartered bank test will let you go further with the next rounds of assessment. For your HR interview you will get a call from the HR team and this round is just similar to any pre-screening round and you will be expected to give answers in relation to your core competencies & also what actually motivates you, why you want to work in Standard Chartered Bank, etc.

Also, few questions from your resume and cover letter, so make sure to have your CV in front of you while giving answers for avoiding any confliction.

Video interview by Standard Chartered

Once after getting successful with different rounds of assessments and beating pool of candidates, the hiring team will contact you further for the virtual interview round or telephonic round of assessment. Here, the steps can be a pre-screening of your behaviour as per your competencies by the HR staff. In a similar fashion the video interview will be taken by the same HR staff but it has to be pre-recorded with limited to answer every question. It will be bit trickier. You have 30 seconds or less to think & then answer for the question. If it is necessary then you can also re-record yourself after watching yourself.

The Standard Chartered Company’s Face-to-face interaction round

If you get notification about your selection for the face to face interview round then you will be required to attend this section. This round of assessment includes a short face to face interview that will last for 30 minutes & here you will be facing generalise questions related to the availability & expectations of the job position you have applied. The assessors will try to know little more about your past, your career in order to determine whether you are a fit candidate for the job role at Standard Chartered banking or not. You need to prepare well for this interview in a similar fashion to any general interview.

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