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Looking for the opportunity to grab an engineering job role in your favourite industry, then it is very important for you to complete a psychometric assessment test as a part of recruitment process. The Psychometric assessment section is used for streamlining the diversified applications together with the process utilized in the recruitment in order to ensure that only qualified & well deserving candidates get success for different variety of job roles.

Skills typically needed by the candidates to pass the engineers test?

You need a degree at least with better knowledge about the maths & physics in a best possible way with options in the subject like advance maths, chemistry, design & technology etc. are really helpful. But a general engineering degree can also be a good thing to head start. Further qualifications like Masters/PhD, CEng or Chartered Engineer and I-Eng or Incorporated Engineer can be the most promising options.

Psychometric assessment is mainly used in terms of application process for organizations like BAE Systems, BP, Jaguar & Land Rover, and Nestle.

Few soft skills needed for you to get ahead in your competition are:

  • Teamwork
  • Better Communication
  • Computer science- Programming knowledge & confidence about modelling the software
  • Better stress management ability to deal with the pressurized situation in a positive manner.
  • The Ability to understand and learn
  • Creativity
  • Attention for the details
  • Data & statistics for understanding the statistics & to manipulate a raw data
  • Problem-solving
  • Leadership quality

There are various career paths are available for the engineers after the graduation.

Psychometric assessment tests used by the engineering firms:

Every engineering company makes use of aptitude tests to help progress their recruitment process. It might be produced by any popular publisher or can be a complete bespoke assessment.

It will not only assess your knowledge but also an unbiased & objective method to measure your skills & aptitude that actually suggest better success for the particular job role. Psychometric tests for most of the time can be of MCQ type.

Here, the skills need are quite specific and you can expect few questions for testing out your mechanical knowledge, mathematical ability, logical problem-solving ability and spatial awareness 

These all are measured in particular by the following steps:-

  • A Mechanical Reasoning section
  • The Diagrammatic Reasoning test
  • A Spatial Awareness test
  • A Numerical Reasoning section

A Mechanical reasoning section

It can perfectly measure the ability to clearly understand & apply your mechanical subject related concepts or principles in order to solve the given problems conveniently. It is highly recommended for you to practice a lot with take my online engineering tests for me before going ahead with solving such questions. You should be having better mechanical concept knowledge as well as expertise about applying the principles.

A Diagrammatic reasoning tests

Better known as the abstract reasoning section is important for solving some complex problems, image related questions & deriving logical-deductions with the given limited information. It is a test for determining the problem solving skills.

From the employers point of view a diagrammatic reasoning section can actually demonstrate the logic as well as clarity from figuring out the patterns given in the form of images & also recognising what is missing or what is incorrect. Challenge here is to recognising them as fast as possible under the time pressure.

The Spatial awareness round 

It may look very similar to the abstract or diagrammatic reasoning section however, the real assessment here is not related to deriving logical deduction but it is about the way any candidate will mentally manipulate any shape in the 2D or 3D space for visualising the movements or particular changes. Shapes can be basic even some of them in 3D environment but here the difficulty lies in terms of solving them in a limited period of time. This section is very important for finding out the capability to visualise the given problems and finding the exact solution and these skills are highly valued by many engineering firms.

The Numerical reasoning round 

This section is actually the part of psychometric assessment test and contains various aspects of reasoning test. The Numerical Reasoning test by the Engineering based form contains different aspects of the reasoning test. It is primarily designed by the experts to level-off as well as measure numerical skills with good speed & accuracy in order to resolve certain queries for the topics like percentage, graph, arithmetic, tables etc. With this numerical reasoning section, you will be provided with the set of questions and mainly required to determine right answers in a given time period. ExamsHelpers will easily let you prepare for the numerical reasoning test with desired help in the form of ‘Take My Online Engineering Test For Me’ services.

Five most important tips for clearing the Engineering tests

  • Get your job done by understating some basics first
  • Practice more 
  • Focus more on your Strength & weaknesses
  • Make your Practice count 
  • Work as fast as you can but take your time for understanding it effectively

Few Engineering firms where you can apply for different job roles:

  • IBM
  • ARUP
  • Rolls Royce
  • Atkins
  • Schlumberger
  • Dyson
  • Balfour Beatty

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