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A Criterion Partnership publisher company is one of the leading companies who can provide brilliant psychometric assessment tests. This is the company that have occupational-psychologists who can deliver you wide variety psychometric assessment tests online for the better measurement of candidate’s performance in terms of various work related situations or tasks. This sort of assessment enable the companies for finding the best possible candidates for variety of job roles within the company.

Who are actually Criterion?

The Criterion is the UK-based company who provides psychometric assessment test. The Criterion Company’s one of the most effective and the most popular series of assessment is Coast Series. This actually contains wide range of online tests together with the personality assessment questionnaires, situational assessment rounds, & aptitude tests like verbal, abstract, numerical reasoning etc. They are actually one of the most reliable recruiters & also the best recommend by people for the preparation of various tests in terms of take my online Criterion tests packages online.

Some of the best services offered by the Criterion Company can be defined as below:

Criterion’s Personality assessment Questionnaire

The Criterion’s personality assessments questions are designed perfectly by the experts to wide range of skills of a candidate as well as preferences within their workplace.

Following factors can be assessed by this section:

  • Interpersonal style
  • Emotional style
  • Motivational style
  • Thinking style
  • Culture-fit style

Basically, there are 2 most popular versions of the personality assessment questionnaire can be:

The Core

This contains around 21 questions to evaluate candidate’s behaviours, values, feelings, and motivations relevant to their workspace and it is mostly useful for team based or sales based job roles.

The Enhanced

Contains around 30 questions build on Criterion Core part and delivering you deeper & better insight to the candidate’s personality skills at the workplace. This enhanced version is useful for both managerial & leadership job roles.

The Criterion’s Ability Test

The Ability tests is the one that can perfectly measure someone’s inner potential instead of academic judgement. The Criterion firm offers 3 levels of the assessment in terms of:

Higher Level Utopia

This include higher level reasoning section particular used by the companies for the job roles of top-level-managers, graduates or professionals. The test is named after the environmental-magazine named “Utopia”.

This Utopia includes:

  • One single numerical reasoning section, it is an online assessment in which you will get 18 minutes and you need to finish solving 16 questions. Here the paper-version has 30 questions which you need to solve under 50 minutes.
  • One single round of verbal reasoning that contains 16 questions with the time duration of 9 minutes. Here, the paper-version has 40 questions with time duration of 30 minutes.
  • One single abstract reasoning section in which you will face 16 questions for around 45 minutes.


This B2C level of test contains middle-level of reasoning tests in particular used by the companies for the judgement of various skills related to customer facing, junior-management & administrative roles. This section has verbal, abstract, numerical, & checking ability rounds.

Blue collar CWS

Tests that are mostly relevant to technical, manufacturing, engineering job roles. This section has verbal, mechanical, numerical ability rounds. The test here is designed by the experts to simulate different tasks that engineering, manufacturing, and technical job roles aspirants faces on a daily routine.

CWS includes:

1 verbal reasoning test: The online version has 16 questions with time duration of 10 minutes and on the other hand a paper-version has 32 questions with the time slot of 20 minutes. The questions are related to various training material, staff-notice boards and safety handbooks which will be delivered to you on the assessment centre day.

1 numerical reasoning section in which you will get 16 questions and around 17 minutes of time in online format. A paper based version has 32 questions with just 20 minutes time allotted.

1 mechanical reasoning section in which an online version has 12 questions required to be completed under 20 minutes. On the other hand, a paper version has 40 questions with time duration of just 20 minutes.  This mechanical reasoning section can evaluate the basic understanding of principles related to physics like forces & energy.

1 fault detection round that will be a time based assessment and you will get 10 minutes to finish 30 questions. Skills like visual inspection, error detection etc. will be assessed.

One Statistic process-Control round: A plotting-data assessment with the time duration of 15 minutes you need to answer various questions on the topics like calculation of averages, sum, range values etc. that are particularly important for plotting the graph.

A personality assessment questionnaire will analyse your different characteristics (13 in this case). This is somewhat similar to the personality assessment rounds taken by the companies where you will face multiple statement based questions and you need to select the most similar one that will suit your personality.

A Criterion’s Situational assessment round

The Criterion’s SJT can be useful for the assessment of following skills:

  • Emotional resilience
  • Customer service
  • Problem Solving
  • Graduate potential
  • Leadership judgement

Here, you will face work-like scenarios and you need to give response that will best suited for that scenario in terms of your personality.

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