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Being one of the excellent market leaders of the grocery products, the company Ocado is the biggest retailer of its type across the world.

From the year 2000, company Ocado has become an international company that witnesses the tremendous growth by expanding its greatest offerings to the proprietary technology in order to help many other small grocery companies boost and develop their business efficiently worldwide.

Careers progress at Ocado

The company Ocado can be considered as one of the most attractive employer in terms of higher rating on the Glassdoor and also recognised by many authorized entities as confident employer.

There are different career paths that can be selected in for every employees with multiple locations around the world.

It is the international company with its workplaces are in Europe, Hong Kong, USA etc. with different job roles like:

Engineering and Technology: Under this you can different job roles for the areas like software development, research, cloud services, data analysis & at last product management.

Business and Managerial: For all the financial related matters like accountancy, planning, payroll, HR, marketing, supply chain & contact centre this must be the prime spot.

Graduates: With the help of in-depth training programme of Ocado you can get multiple opportunities like training & development, autonomy, engineering & operations etc. with each and every programme giving you best possible placements.

Delivery & LGV Drivers: Drivers are the backbone of Ocado Company and providing 1 to 1 service to the customers. Both direct delivery drivers as well as LGV drivers are important for operations like taking groceries to warehouse, and the management team that look after the processes clearly.

Warehouse operatives: They are responsible for packing and picking the orders of the customers. Here in this department roles can be different and flexible with lots of benefits & perks.

There are several stages for which a candidate can be selected after passing through all the rounds of assessment.

The Ocado Application Process

  • An Online application
  • A Telephonic interview
  • An Online assessment
  • The Video interview
  • Assessment centre

The career path at Ocado starts with the online application form fill-up process and then it will be followed by telephonic interview and sometimes face-to-face interview. You may be asked to deliver the online assessments like psychometric tests and various other skills-based assessments. At the end you will be called upon for the assessment centre.

An Online application

The Ocado Company advertises its job openings with its website within the career page and also on some bigger online portals for the jobs posting. The very first stage is the online application form fill up process and very much similar to the forms you have already encountered during your academics that require you to fill your identification information, educational qualifications and prior experience.

A Telephonic interview

  • The very next stage is the telephonic interview round if you get successful in your online application form submission.
  • Here you will face few questions about the company Ocado as well as simple answers about their business.
  • You may also encounter questions related to the experience & qualifications as per the information given by you in your online application form.
  • Someone from the Ocado will take your telephonic interview usually from HR team.

The Online assessment

  • The Ocado Company’s psychometric assessment are of two types mainly: numerical reasoning test & verbal reasoning test.
  • Out of which the Numerical reasoning tests need you to have some basic understanding of the numerical information provided to you in terms of tables & graphs.
  • You are required to understand the provided data & further use it for finding out the exact answer.
  • The information given here are in the form of plain text and you have to decide whether the statement given in relation to the text is false, true or unidentified.
  • No prior knowledge is required with answers need to be derived from the given information only.
  • You can easily practice for these sort of questions with the help of take my online Ocado tests for me, and they will be here to take your information confidential & qualitative.

The Video interview

The video interview can include questions from your background, your past experience, and how you are going to deal with the challenging situations. The interview will be conducted by the Ocado hiring team with HR and managers.

The Assessment centre

  • Once after cleaning the multiple stages of recruitment the assessment centre is the final stage. Many candidates including you can be invited to the specified location if everybody successfully got through the assessment processes.
  • For further assessments like group projects, job-related activities, skills tests etc. you will be directed from time to time.
  • If possible further interviews & presentations may also be happened during the assessment centre.

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