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The company which is based on Switzerland Basel and it is the 2nd largest healthcare & pharmaceutical company of this world, the Novartis is biggest company with market capitalization and producing different types of drugs for curing Alzheimer, Parkinson, breast cancer and MS disease.

Different career opportunities for you at Novartis

In terms of global platform for giving your many possible opportunities the company works around various divisions and job roles like a medical advisor, government-affairs managers, account managers etc. The Company employs 13 thousand plus people alone inside the UK.

In terms of its Future-Talent-Program the Company is leading this generation for shaping future of medical science and healthcare. With wide range of job roles like Apprenticeships, graduate roles and undergraduate internships roles, you are having many different opportunities waiting for you.

The company takes very good pride in their core values & mission statements. Also, they believe in rewarding the people & delivering needful assistance to each & every individual for better development.

The Novartis’s recruitment process

  • An Online application form
  • The Pre-screen interview round (Over phone)
  • The Numerical reasoning section
  • A Excel case-study round
  • The Video or telephonic interviews
  • A Face-to-face interview

Generally depends on the job role applied, the Novartis’s business analyst will provide you the most comprehensive approach to find the best possible process with different test sections. It can take around 2 weeks of time for completing the assessment process.

An Online application

The recruitment at Company begins with the online application form submission process and sometimes this can vary from one job role to other and needs several rounds of assessment. Here is the overview of company hiring process with some needful tips and tricks for you to consider while taking help of take my online Novartis tests for me.

There are several other rounds that actually help you to known each & everything about the company & do some research about the same. You also need to be familiar about the working culture, behaviours & values of the Company, in order to have best possible impression to the hiring team.

The Pre-screen phone-interview

You will be getting a call directly from the HR team of Novartis, in case your competencies perfectly matching the desired skills for particular job role. It will be more causal screening round over the telephone, where you will be asked about all your past experience, knowledge about the company and other important things. Without going into detailed manner, this round will check whether your skills are matching with the job profile you have applied for the betterment of company.

Novartis numerical reasoning tests

Here, the total of 20-25 questions are needs to be answered with the time limit of 20 minutes for the topics like graphs, tables, percentages etc. Here you can be asked to perfectly analyse the provided data & then choose the correct answer from the list of answers. No need of any prior high level maths knowledge only school level maths will be sufficient.

Excel case study

After the above discussed section of numerical reasoning, the Excel case-study round will give you a chance to showcase your commitments or abilities to complete the specified tasks as per the job role. Also, you need better knowledge about the Excel for performing good in this section.

Video/phone interviews

With one or more than one Skype or telephonic interview rounds, this assessment section will be slightly different from pre-screening section and here an interviewer will ask you detailed information by going deeper into your interests & skills at Novartis.

Face-to-face interview

It is the last stage of assessment from the perspective of Novartis Company. Once you have completed multiple rounds of assessment as per the particular job role at the Novartis Company, then next thing you need to face is virtual interview round. You will get notification from BHP bout your appearance in the shortlisting candidates.

This will typically include a mini version of interview that will last for around 30 minutes and candidates will be facing few general questions in relation to overall availability as well as expectation of multiple job roles. It is a good practice to do some research for the desired company with specific job role you have applied. You can easily prepare for this sort of interview that is somewhat similar to the 1-1 or face-to-face interview.

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