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Looking for the perfect lawyer firm where all your talent related to legal services can be utilised effectively then you need to follow the recruitment process.

If you want to join any firm that has multiple openings like a paralegal, administrative role regarding the legal services, a lawyer or any other role of marketing or IT then it is affirmative that you need to follow their psychometric assessment section to be tested upon skills & fitness. With take my online law tests for me you can succeed in a better way while applying to any lawyer firm online.

What skills are needed for the lawyers?

A well rounded candidates who can balance up the business knowledge & commercial awareness all together are the ones who can be the leading lawyers. With good communication skills, people skills, verbal & oral reasoning skills in a candidate is very much suitable for any employer. Here, the practice of law & legal services with modernised adaption, strong project-management, and effective numerical & analytical skills can deliver the best possible candidates.

Apart from that, a strong lawyer also possess strong management & leadership skills for managing the team & workload accordingly. You need to be strategically strong and should have some high development & social-confidence so that you can influence others while adopting their thinking approach.

Psychometric tests used by the legal firms for better assessment of the candidates

Many Law firms have adopted this method for the assessment of job applicants especially for the graduate candidates for trainee or similar jobs before the commencement of legal training. Along with business knowledge & legal skills, the psychometric test is also important for the assessment of potential skills. The psychometric assessment contains critical thinking ability, verbal reasoning ability, logical reasoning skills and situational judgement skills.

The Watson Glaser & critical reasoning assessment

It is one of the most popular critical thinking based skill test that is used by variety of Law firms for the individuals who wants to join any law firm. This section give employer an informed decision about the selection of candidates in a justified & un-biased way. The critical thinking ability is something which can be practiced & developed. It is mainly important for the lawyers who are responsible for critically analysing as well as presenting the facts among the clients to make some powerful decisions.

A Watson Glaser section contains 5 different areas to analyse the critical thinking abilities and then compiling the picture for how good a candidate will recognise the assumptions or evaluate the arguments or even draw some conclusions. All these things can be fulfilled by assumptions, deductions, evaluation, inferences & interpretation of the arguments.

For each & every section, a candidate need to read the given short paragraph & then answer the given questions as per the data contained therein. The data contained within the paragraphs are assumed as factually correct.

Situational judgement tests

For any company’s law based job roles, this section has different recruitment process with a lot more challenging situations to deliver to the successful candidates who have cleared previous sections completely. The scenarios given here are just similar to the one you may face during your workplace. There can be number of responses possibly to that particular situation, candidate need to select the best one that can fit into the scenario easily. Also, this test can figure out how you will react to those situations. It is important for you to read the data carefully and then analyse that without any hesitation.

Verbal reasoning tests

The law company’s Verbal reasoning round mainly comprises of different styles of uniquely arranged paragraphs that as a candidate requires to perfectly read as well as give answers in accordance with the situation.

Here, your chosen response can be any one of the three responses given: False, True, and cannot define. The test is taken by the respective authorities to examine analytical, language, reading comprehension, and grammatical skills altogether.

Logical reasoning tests

The Logical reasoning test by the law company mainly requires multiple questions to be answered by the candidates in relation to unique sequence of patters or shapes. In each & every question a missing term will be given and a candidate is required to give particular answers from multiple answer choices in an accurate manner. Law Company’s logical reasoning or a diagrammatic reasoning test can effectively analyze problem solving abilities of the candidates. You can easily practice a lot for these types of questions at ExamsHelpers website with great help for the successive levels.

It is somewhat similar to verbal reasoning test, but it is useful in terms of understanding the candidate’s ability to perfectly deduce correct information from the given facts represented in front of you in terms of table, chart, shapes or written paragraph. This will better assess the candidates and let companies figure out candidate’s ability to interpret the patterns & find its relationships.

Further more information on specific law firms

Few companies mentioned below make use of psychometric assessment round as a crucial part of recruitment process for the different job roles in their organization.

  • Hogan Lovells
  • Herbert Smith’s Freehills
  • Allen & Overy 
  • Linklaters
  • Irwin Mitchell
  • Burges Salmon
  • Clifford Chance
  • Baker McKenzie
  • Hill Dickinson
  • Fresh-fields Bruckhaus Deringer
  • DLA Piper
  • Eversheds Sutherland 
  • Mayer Brown LLP
  • Slaughter & May
  • Simmons and Simmons LLP
  • Dentons
  • The Ince Gordon Dadds


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