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Many employers are using the SHL verbal reasoning test for the recruitment process and allow employers to define the individual’s aptitude in terms of comprehension, evaluation, and understanding of the written passages.

About the SHL verbal reasoning test

  • SHL is usually a common provider of various verbal reasoning tests and used for graduate-level & managerial level of entry roles. It is carried out to have an assessment of the candidate’s skills & suitability as per the particular role.
  • These tests are taken on the computer & varies from one recruiter to another. If it took online then you will have the choice of time & place and in the case of offline the test centres are usually provided by employers at their office or at any other centre.
  • Here verbal reasoning test can be taken in the form of written passages and after which multiple questions are asked on that basis and the candidate is invited to choose responses in the form of ‘false’, ‘true’ & ‘cannot say.
  • Candidates need to select answers only on the basis of information provided in the passage not exactly on the facts or any outside knowledge.
  • The SHL verbal reasoning tests contains a total of 30 questions with 17 to 19 minutes allotted. Here the questions are randomly drawn from the set of databases.
  • The tests required a lot of practice to confidently answer the questions in a required manner.

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Some steps needed to get prepared for SHL verbal reasoning test & effective methods to pass out this test!

For the candidates, we have a lot of practice questions related to SHL verbal Reasoning Tests.

  • The key to having better success with the SHL test in terms of psychometric assessment is to take a lot of practice. You need to have a good balance between the number of questions asked and the time that remains for that.
  • Careful preparation can improve your accuracy & speed and over time this thing can make you more familiar with types of passage & the test format.
  • After taking the test, you can have a look at what point you are going wrong. What is the pattern here? And whether you are jumping to conclusions or referring to the information provided in the passages?
  • Getting 90% or more in SHL verbal reasoning test in a correct manner will better the chances of selections.

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Once after getting familiar with the SHL verbal reasoning tests then it will not be difficult for you to get through it. The SHL verbal reasoning tests are actually pitched at the appropriate level relevant to the job applied for, like for an example- any graduate level role would be harder as compared to the apprentice level role.

The SHL verbal reasoning tests are particularly scored by giving one mark for every correct answer. With no sign of passing marks the final scores also depends upon the number of candidates interviewing for same role. The goal should be to come at top 20% of total selections to get succeed. Sometimes the mean scoring for graduate assessment centre goes to 27 out of 30.

The SHL verbal reasoning test has allotted 17 to 19 minutes for the candidates to finish the test of 30 questions.

If English is not your first language then it can be harder for you to give SHL verbal reasoning test. You will be needed more & more practice sessions & better concentration to get through the test format.

  • You can practice for the SHL verbal reasoning tests under the free practice tests as well as example questions provided to you by us.

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