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Lloyds is a banking Group and it is one of the largest financial institutions of UK (and also among the list of oldest one as its royal bank of Scotland is dated back to 1695.

The Lloyds group offers a different kind of roles like customer-focused job roles for their branch or contact centres, roles regrading technology &transformation, or sometimes specialist job roles in departments like audit, corporate affairs, risk or marketing.

Careers opportunities at Lloyds Banking Group

The Lloyds Banking Group is inclusive group that is driven by its core values & group actively embracing the diversity. You can get entry into this group initially through apprentice & undergraduate schemes and lots more for the qualified candidates.

They run very strong graduate programme focused around graduates in Software engineering, finance, data science etc.

To be on one such graduate schemes out of many the prerequisite is achieved or predicted dual or 2:2 degree.Your preference of graduate scheme with the Lloyds group will totally depend upon where you actually want to go in your future.

There are different possible routes:

  • Data Science
  • Commercial Banking
  • Retail Customers & Products
  • Software Engineering
  • Finance
  • Risk Management

Through various such schemes you can be able to support yourself in order to get qualification as per the course you are in like ACA, ACT, CIMA, CFA and LIBF. The paid schemes takes around 2-3 years and can be a great way to earn while you learn, with taking better advantage of excellent opportunities to go ahead.

The application process for the Lloyds

  • Online Application Form to be submitted online
  • Psychometric Tests
  • The Job Insight Assessment
  • And virtual Assessment Day

At different times the applications for the graduate schemes being invited from the candidates and the process will close once after receiving enough applications. It is highly competitive career route so it is important for you to first understand and then prepare for every stage as soon as possible. Here applicants need be filled with demonstrate passion as well as enthusiasm for the job roles.

Understanding the essential values & behaviours of the Group is also important to place yourself in line with recruiters needs.

The values & behaviours of Lloyds Group are:

  • Keeping it as simple as possible
  • Putting the customers First
  • Making a difference from what is there in market

You need to have excellent communication skills, better responsibility, organisation & planning tactics, best possible leadership skills, decision making & teamwork quality and good commercial awareness.


  • It all begins with the online application form

This doesn’t require you to have CV with full details but recruiters only need little information like your predicated or the actual degree results. It’s an opportunity for you to perfectly demonstrate your core potentials & also keep core values & behaviours in priority rather than showcasing achievements or accomplishments or any experience.

  • The next stage is psychometric tests if you met the criteria in 1st stage.

Online aptitude tests

  • It is used for assessment of inherent learning ability with no previous knowledge.
  • It takes around 90 minutes and includes questions with different skills and abilities.
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Numerical reasoning test

  • Based on low level mathematical principle.
  • You are required to analyse & study numerical data in the form of graphs, percentage, charts, ratios etc.
  • Just practice for the data interpretation skills in order to get through this test.

Verbal reasoning test

  • Paragraph based information with MCQ’s
  • Taken specifically to test your ability to understand, digest as well as analyse the written information carefully.
  • No previous knowledge is needed.

Inductive reasoning test

With thousands of students actually believing in ExamHelpers portal for all types of test, exam and quizzes help on their behalf with luxurious support, you will get support in the form of:

  • As per prescribed limited information, you will get better assessment test help to have better inferences.
  • You will get desired information in the form of diagrams, patterns, & sequences.
  • Practiced rules to give answers to varieties of questions on ExamsHelpers.

Situational judgement test

  • Ability to test candidate’s reaction on any particular scenario or situation with various number of potential outcomes.
  • There is no right or wrong answer, you just need to answer that will match mostly with the behavioural aspect of the company also.
  • Understand core values & behaviour of the company’s businesses for clearing this section comfortably.


  • Job Insight Assessment

  • With an insight into the job roles that you have applied for can help you in better understanding types and activities of the projects in your graduate schemes.
  • This is usually 2nd round of assessment after the psychometric tests.
  • It will lasts for 60-90 minutes and can allow you to true understand all the activities as well as types of projects which you will be expected to work upon in your graduate scheme.


  • Virtual assessment day

With the help of Microsoft teams your virtual assessment test will be completed. There are multiple stages of virtual assessment day:

  • Case study and presentation:

    You need to scrutinise the pack of information & then need to represent it back to the group. This test is all about checking your analytical skills and presentation skills without taking so much time.

  • Group exercise:

    You will be presented with few information & you need to analyse the information with both answer & question together. Here, you will be assessed about how you are going to work with the team as process of deriving the answer is more crucial than actual answer itself.


  • 1-to-1 interviews

The interview is competency-based & you need to prepare yourself for expressing your answers in terms of examples. Here the goal is to identify the passion & enthusiasm for the job role inside you.

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