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The world’s famous biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is the leading company that pushes the so called boundaries of the science in order to deliver best possible life-saving or life changing solutions in terms of medicines.

Various career options for candidates at the AstraZeneca

The company AstraZeneca is the innovative, quality driven, globalised biopharmaceutical firm which heavily depends on the new generation of technologies as well as innovative science. By working at the company AstraZeneca, you can change your thinking perspective and think bigger and then finally get involved in the sole mission to improvise the healthcare system.

The AstraZeneca’s recruitment Process

  • The Online Application submission
  • The 1st Assessment Centre Round
  • The 2nd Assessment Centre Round

The Online Application submission

The assessment of any candidate for the AstraZeneca Company begins with the online application form that needs to be dully filled by the candidate along with few personal detail and professional data like work experience, academics etc.

AstraZeneca First round of Assessment Centre

After finishing up with the submission of your online application correctly, you can be invited for the 1st round of assessment centre out of two rounds. This 1st round of assessment is mainly focused on figuring out your knowledge & skills required to move ahead in your career path as per your choice. The assessment may vary in nature from one job role to other and also depends on preferred graduate programme.

The AstraZeneca’s Presentation round

Needed this exercise to showcase your soft spoken skills as well as to demonstrate your knowledge in regards to the company. You need to prepare your full stack presentation with the topic already been given to you and then you need to answer the questions and highlight your public speaking skills to the assessors.

The AstraZeneca’s Interview round

The AstraZeneca’s interview round is totally strength based & here motivational approach will be followed by the interviewer. The candidates are required to give answers about the achievements in terms of giving various set of examples. Apart from that, you need to show them that you have fully understood the job roles applied by you while working at the company AstraZeneca. Always show more enthusiasm & passion for the job role applied.

The AstraZeneca’s Group Exercise or in other worlds the Individual Exercise

The AstraZeneca’s group Exercise round typically demonstrate the candidate’s ability to work in pressure with a team performing any business operations. Your group as a whole needed to showcase given information in the form of multiple different problems & how one can easily generate promising solutions. You need to make sure about finding a perfect balance between all your speaking skills & making a good point without being a dominator.

Candidate are required to represent you better you are at the different job roles & how you can work efficiently as per the given situation. In case you are not really expecting something good in the form of determining the best possible answers then it is the time for take help of expert through ExamsHelpers.

The AstraZeneca’s Second round of Assessment Centre

This is the additional around of assessment centre and required for some specific job roles. The candidates are requested to solve case studies provided to them that will actually reflect the workspace culture of the AstraZeneca and also depends on the selected job role. The 2nd round of assessment is totally aimed at rectifying the competencies as well as natural skills. Both assessment centre rounds are designed specifically with the objective to find out more & more about the AstraZeneca, together with the structure of working.

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