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It is one of the best Swiss financial services providers for an individual, institutional or corporate clients. The UBS works across 4 divisions mainly: asset management, wealth management, personal or corporate banking as well as investment banking. The company has better reputation of strong presence globally with 70k plus employees in 50 plus countries.

Careers at the UBS

UBS is the biggest global wealth management & personal or corporate bank in the Switzerland. As per the demands & needs vacancies can be higher with more competitive scenario.

It gives an opportunity for many professionals, students as well as graduates of all regions like Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and at last Africa.

You can have a chance to get trained with UBS Graduate level Talent Programme in the areas like investment banking, corporate banking or asset management.

Various summer internships & industrial placements are also required by UBS for the penultimatestudents.If you have started a family but wants to come back to the corporate culture then you can do this with the help of UBS Career Comeback hiring programme.

If you want yourself to get hired to better positions at UBS then you need to fully understand the culture & working style of UBS together with its central values.

The selection process of the UBS:

  • First step first- Online Application form
  • Numerical Reasoning Tests
  • The Cultural Appraiser
  • Video Interviews
  • And assessment Centre

Due to highly competitive environment, you should prepare well for the tests as any poor performance will prevent you from displaying your skills for the next step of recruitment.

Online application form

It is the very first stage of UBS assessment tests. Here you need to fill in your basic detail like educational background, skills, and total work experience. Upon successful screening process you will be called for the psychometric assessment tests.

The UBS numerical reasoning tests

Numerical reasoning tests for UBS is the first step among many psychometric assessment tests to assess an ability to directly apply common mathematical concepts & then perfectly interpret data from tables, charts, or graphs. You will also be tested upon financial analysis with MCQ’s.

Here you need to be quick & accurate both. Only the examiners who get the highest scores can be able to move onto the next step of video interview.

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The UBS Cultural Appraiser

It is the bespoke situational judgement assessment, designed to figure out candidate’s alignment with UBS workspace culture. If you have unique skills & experiences who can show their diverse, supportive nature in the UBS culture then you are a star performer.

Here, you will be represented with many different hypothetical scenarios with an aim to determine how are going to react to the pressurized situation with different variety of basic workplace situations.

It is also important for you to display that your nature is aligning with the core value, pillars, principles and behaviours of UBS. The test is completely bound to time limitation for registering your response to every scenario.

Video interview

You can be invited for direct interview if your scores are high. The interview can take place in the form of video or voice call. It will be focused around your competency and your CV specifically with educational & total work experience into consideration.

The Assessment centre

It is commonly comprised of two exercises with first one is group exercise in terms showing your interest for insightful and pertinent questions.

The goal here is to show creativity as well as innovation both in your approach. Just be balanced, and offer output.

Next exercise is the presentation with an ability to represent the information professionally, correctly and engagingly. You should be having good body language & tone while delivering the presentation.On the assessment centre day you can also be featured for interview.

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