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From the year 1992 there has been a tradition around taking an army aptitude test which was purely conducted by the army based departments for recruiting candidates. The army aptitude test combines various psychometric rounds that is designed by the experts to assess the skills, attributes of the candidates. The result obtained with the test will determine your future to join an army with respective roles a candidate is best suited for.

Format of an army aptitude section

You will sit the army aptitude test on a computer and at your nearest Army Careers Centre. All the questions will be of MCQ type and it is the designed by the experts to be more challenging as well as time taking so be sure to practice a lot before taking the exam. The overall score will be given to you once after the completion of the test which is better known as the GTI or General Trainability Index. If you score better in the test then there will be more possibilities available to you.

The Army’s cognitive test

This section contains 5 sub-sections:-

  • The Error detection
  • The Orientation
  • A Number fluency
  • The Word rules
  • A Deductive reasoning

Each & every section given it meant to test your accuracy, speed & also an ability to derive things logically in a best possible way.

The Error detection round 

It is the most important part of the army aptitude test and assessed by them to analyse your ability to accurately as well as quickly process the given information in order to prove your worthiness. Here, different series of symbol combinations will be given and you need to memorize & try out as many symbols as you can for perfectly giving answers to the questions. To be more successful with this section you can take help of take my online army tests for me without any hesitation.

The Orientation test

This orientation round is related to showcasing some mental strength as well as logics related to the spatial awareness. You need to memorise the rules before progressing towards solving the questions with your mental ability as well as capability to derive logics under the pressure of time. This section will surely help you to be a successful candidate at the time of facing such similar kind of challenges.

The Number fluency section

It is the very essential for the army recruitment and can test your mathematical knowledge and number fluency. The questions here need better memorization by looking at the rules and then applying the same to find the correct answer. You can boost up your speed & can increase your mathematical ability with more practice sessions.

The Word rules section

Here, you need to find some basic rules that are actually governing the set of different words for finding the correct answer. The examiner will assess your reading comprehension skills as well as general literacy. It is a great way to practice a lot for the verbal reasoning abilities for getting prepared for word rules round.

A Deductive reasoning section

It can perfectly measure your ability to deduct information, process it as well as derive some logical deductions as per the data given. It is a vital element of recruitment for many companies. You don’t need to have any specific knowledge regarding this section, however the questions can be little more confusing here.

An Army literacy round 

It can measure your writing & reading skills by ensuring that the candidates are very comfortable with the basic reading & writing as per the job roles. You can try out the Comprehension tests that is the brilliant way manner to get prepared for the army literacy test. Also, try some books, solve quiz and read news to brush up your reading habits.

The Army numeracy round 

With the job roles at army, every candidate has to show numeracy skills & basic calculative skills so that you can have better interpretation of the information for producing some effective results with the pressure of time.

The Army’s technical selection round 

In case you have applied for the technical job role then it is the important part for you to consider. Just like the numerical reasoning section, the questions here are more focused around basic calculations, data interpretation, graphical analysis etc. of the GCSE-equivalency level. A pen & paper will be given to you in order to solve the problems.

The process to arrive at the scorecard?

After going through all the rounds of assessment on the basis of the number of correct answers given by you, a test score will be generated in terms of General Trainability-Index or GTI. A GTI score of 26 or more is required for going ahead in the next round of the selection process. After that, you will also be provided a list of different job roles that will be best suited for you. Take help of take my online army tests for great performance in your results.

Best tips for you to consider for the army Aptitude section

  • Practice a lot 
  • Get used to the style and type of question
  • Think laterally and straightforward 
  • Get connected to the exam conditions
  • Focus more on your end goal


Here, the army tests are perfectly designed by the experts to be more challenging & can help army based departments to recruit best candidates. Apart from that, you are going to be tested for different skills, however most of the time people find only 1 or 2 sections hard. Here, best thing is to do practice a lot before going ahead.

Effective numeracy skills and better judgement of the scenario are two crucial things you need for working at any army based department. You should be able to quickly, accurately and confidently play with the numbers.

It takes around 30 minutes for you to finish the aptitude section taken on the PC at local Army centre.

You are not going to move ahead in the next section of assessment if you failed to get through it. For you to get selected, you need to practice as much as possible.

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