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It is a multinational professional Company and better recognised as the one of the biggest Company among the big four that delivers tax, advisory as well as audit based services globally and employs almost 2lac plus people.

Careers prospective of KPMG

There are many different roles for you to apply at KPMG depend upon your education & experience. If you are looking for better opportunities save in terms of KPMG then it can offer you variety of apprenticeships, audit, and digital software engineering apprenticeship services.

Working at the KPMG you will offer you better insight into different roles for those who are looking forward to some sense of direction without any hesitation in near future.

You can choose to have following programmes at the business areas:

  • Consulting
  • Business Services
  • Tax & Law
  • Audit
  • Deal Advisory
  • Technology & Engineering

In case you have better experience in terms of professional degree for accounting services then you can also apply for multiple job roles at your comfort.

The KPMG Application Process

  • The Online Application
  • Transforming the Small Businesses
  • Delivering the Outcomes
  • Critical Thinker ability
  • Virtual Launch Pad

KPMG online application process is very structured & follow the same process that it takes to make things better in an equal manner.

To head start with the online application form, you can fill basic details in terms of your education, and experience.

Once the application has been accepted you need to consider taking series of better assessments that combines situational judgement tests, verbal & numerical reasoning tests and also behavioural reasoning tests. Your final stage can be full stage assessment day that will be administered virtually.

The Online application form

It like just like any other form and you need to deliver basic details like contact information, education & experience. Here, basic application needs are:

  • The Maths & English GCSE of Grade 5/6 
  • 3 A-Levels
  • The 2:1 Undergraduate degree of any discipline

Deliver details of mitigating circumstances in order to reach academic qualifications in a required manner.

Record relevant work experience as well as your previous professional qualifications in order to support the application.

You will be assessed against entry criteria before going further with the process.

Be thoughtful & take your time in order to tackle the tests conveniently.

Answer accurately & with better integrity to demonstrate the suitability of different job roles & make it very simple for your recruitment team and then go for next round.

Transforming the Small Businesses

The tests pattern can be slightly differ in terms of aptitude tests from others and you don’t need to face any separate test exam.

You have to take situational judgement test, logical reasoning test, and verbal reasoning test under the scenario that is created by KPMG for the assessment.

Assessment process starts with the ‘Transforming the Small Businesses’ with terms of podcasts, articles, videos, emails, voicemails etc. and you need to transform information given in this format to answer for multiple questions.

The information is realistic but fictional narrative at the KPMG. You will be figured out in response to different scenarios in the form of verbal, numerical and situational judgement tests.

After being successful in this section you will be heading towards the 2nd section.

You can complete your practice questions in a correct manner with the help of pay someone to take my inline KPMG tests for me.

Delivery of Outcomes

Moving deeper, you will have to determine the answers in terms of chosen business area and then rank your response in each situation. Recruiters will define your ability to demonstrate the options & knowledge pertaining to your confidence.

Further rounds of judgement will be:

Critical Thinker: Complete the section under 30 minutes to be successful for next round.

The Virtual Launch Pad: All day long event, starts with breakfast and important presentation after which you need to take part in group exercises, 1-1 interview, analysis of projects etc.

Following activities will be expected to take part:

  • Group Exercise
  • Analysis
  • Partner Interview

KPMG’s key Behavioural Capabilities that are also important for the section:

  • Career Motivation
  • Drive Quality
  • Demonstrate Integrity
  • Critical Thinker
  • Resilient Performer
  • Leverage Technology
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Foster Innovation
  • Credible Connector
  • Show Curiosity
  • Purposeful Collaborator

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