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The Pearson-Education have immensely designed as well as created the wide range of testing-tools which an employer use for the assessment of candidates in a clear cut manner. The most handsome products of the publisher company Pearson Education is the Pearson’s Talent-Lens that has the wide variety of options to deliver you and some of them are discussed below:

Who are the Pearson?

They are the sole owners of Talent-Lens assessment group which is a type of platform that can deliver the multiple range of psychometric assessment tests together with the DAT Next-Generation & Bennett-Mechanical-Comprehension assessment Test, & even renowned Watson-Glaser & SOSIE’s 2nd Generation of tests. They are also a master of LNAT or in other words: Law National aptitude tests.

The Watson-Glaser’s critical thinking assessment

It is one of the most popular critical thinking based skill test that is used by variety of Law firms for the individuals who wants to join any law firm. This section give employer an informed decision about the selection of candidates in a justified & un-biased way. The critical thinking ability is something which can be practiced & developed. It is mainly important for the lawyers who are responsible for critically analysing as well as presenting the facts among the clients to make some powerful decisions.

A Watson Glaser section contains 5 different areas to analyse the critical thinking abilities and then compiling the picture for how good a candidate will recognise the assumptions or evaluate the arguments or even draw some conclusions. All these things can be fulfilled by assumptions, deductions, evaluation, inferences & interpretation of the arguments.

For each & every section, a candidate need to read the given short paragraph & then answer the given questions as per the data contained therein. The data contained within the paragraphs are assumed as factually correct.

There are different tests are associated with the Watson Glaser test:

The RANRA’s test or Rust-Advanced-Numerical Reasoning test: Generally useful for the recruitment of senior roles and are much similar to the Watson-Glaser in some sense. It is useful for the assessment of critical reasoning.

BCAT’s test or Bar course-aptitude test: it is different variant of the Watson-Glaser round and particular useful for the assessment of candidates related to job roles of Bar Professional-Training Course.

The UKCAT’s test or UK-Clinical Aptitude-test: Mainly useful for the assessment of candidates with medicine & dentistry based admissions inside the UK. It can perfectly assess the cognitive abilities of the candidates.


The Iris’s Situational Judgement round

Mainly targeted for the graduate streams, the Iris test can present you in terms of work-life situations where you have to take some decisions.

The Pearson’s Numerical Reasoning section

In particular a newer addition to Pearson’s Talent-Lens portal, it is mainly focused on the concepts of the traditional numerical assessment section but with slightly fresh approach. This section will clearly introduce with some new concepts of numerical reasoning. It is better recommended for you to take closer look at this round of assessments.


It is effectively designed by the experts to measure the values & personality traits of the candidates, it can better assess whether one is having a right sort of personality for the job role particularly in any company or not. 

Raven’s Progressive Matrices section

It is type of non-verbal assessment test that is designed by the experts to clearly measure the lateral thinking as well as problem solving capabilities of any candidate.

Firms that makes use of Pearson’s Talent-Lens Tests

The Pearson’s Talent-Lens program is so much popular among various companies and it is a good practice to do for most of the companies in a professional manner. Companies like Clifford Chance, financial services or public bodies usually make use of this test. They will offer you a wide range of practice sessions to help you get prepared well with take my online Pearson tests for me.

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