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One of the most prominent global financial firm, Macquarie can offer you wide range of services in terms of asset management, wealth management, renewables development and retail & business banking. The company has its headquarter in Australia and operates in 30 plus countries worldwide and it is most popular among the job seekers who are looking for any financial career.

Multiple Opportunities for you with Macquarie

For the job seekers, there are many opportunities for the career progression with the international image of the Company Macquarie. The company has the total database of more than 15000 plus employees and giving you an opportunity to grow at better pace for your personal development. The company also offer you the funding as well as support for training and learning with them.

The various graduate programmes by Macquarie can offer you the best performance with undergraduate or any Master’s programme. For them a degree of standardized academic rewards are really important especially for most of the business areas but here individual job description can be varied.

The Macquarie company’s Application Process

  • An Online Application
  • A Psychometric Test
  • Video Interview
  • A Superday

Macquarie Company application process can provide you multiple stages of assessment as per the job roles you have applied. There are some roles for which the company takes many rounds of assessment in terms of weeks to get completed. For you an online application is the process to start your career in this company. You can log in into the recruitment zone of the company and can trace out the status of your online application at any time.

The Macquarie application process starts from the regular online application and move towards the interview process: first with the straightforward telephonic interview and then direct 1-to-1 interview.

After this you have a varieties of psychometric assessment test that needs to be taken at house or office of Macquarie. After this one more final interview round will be there to assess you even better.

The application for this graduate programme opens up on 1st September every year and the closing for the hiring depends on list of programmes applied for.

An Online application fillup

It is just a simple yet effective combination of your CV or cover letter as well as few questions that must be answered by the candidate in terms of personal details, any relevant experience, education etc.

After the completion of this process the team of graduate recruitment will review the entire application submitted by you and then you will be then invited for further rounds of assessment if the application looks satisfactory.

A Psychometric test

  • Mainly there are 3 tests that are crucial any candidate to complete it: verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning.
  • Each tests has 20 minutes allocated with no pass or fail scores just your skills & attributes that are highly important for the requirements process.
  • Your recruiter then send you data about what you to expect as well as few practice assessment. 
  • This psychometric test is usually taken at home, however sometimes verification test can be taken later on in application.

The Macquarie Company’s verbal reasoning test

This section present you with various passages of writtent text in order to faster read out and understand. You can answer these MCQ’s given with careful analyzation of given data and better practice with take my online Macquarie test for me. Only the clock pressure is what treats you hesitated in solving all the questions.

Macquarie Company’s numerical reasoning test

  • Numerical data is given in the type of various tables, charts, graphs & ratios.
  • Here the questions about given information are asked together with the multiple-choice question answers.
  • In order to get success you have to get some basic understanding related to arithmetic functions as well as an ability to read the question and information faster.
  • It is not at all inherently difficult, however unusual presentation and shorter time period makes it harder.
  • No negative marking for any incorrect answer so you will have the chance to answer as many assessment questions as one want to.

The Macquarie’s abstract reasoning test

  • If it about determining candidates’ effectiveness as against the recognized patterns, shapes, or structure then analytical reasoning can play an important role.
  • If you want help for the same then ExamsHelpers are there to assist for the same in a significant manner.
  • For getting effective assessment, our experts look carefully each & every patterns, so that it will be easier for a student to understand the actual working behind the process. We help students to get ready for the upcoming steps.

Video interview

  • After the successful completion of your psychometric assessment test you are going to be invited for the video interview.
  • In This particularly involves answering few pre-sessions recorded questions within the given period of time in order to demonstrate how passionate you are and how you are going to take interest for your choose job role and company Macquarie 
  • The questions given for the video interviews are tailored with business group as per your application.
  • The successful candidates can get thumbs up at the end.

The Final recruitment process with Superday

It’s a final round of assessment at the Macquarie and only successful applicants from above discussed rounds will be better invited for joining the teams at Macquarie office in order to finish further assessments & few more interviews.

At this time you are expected to finish up your presentation about the case study blog.

Also you are required to finish the problem-solving process under a team.

With your colleagues & mentors, you are going to have few more interviews.

The competency-based multiple questions will be asked from you and during this you have to demonstrate your knowledge regrading Macquarie and why you are applying for this job role.

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