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The Thomas International is the globally recognised firm that is better known for taking recruitment based tests from more than 30 year in the industry. It has assessments in almost 50 plus languages & broadly covers assessments for 60 plus countries across the world. It has different variety of clients from the industry & partnered with 30,000 companies.

Thomas International Tests

Wide range of Thomas-International tests are there in order to assess cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, personality type, logical skills etc. Apart from that, the Thomas-International company also runs the assessment centre round to help companies make some informed decisions while hiring the candidates.

The Thomas-International assessment round, as well as recruitment tests, are totally driven by the key results & data linked with it. The company already helped hundreds of other companies for streamlining their hiring process.

There are different varieties of tests that are important for you to finish:

Thomas International’s PPA test

Personal-Profile-Analysis or PPA has the set of 24 questions with total duration of 8-12 minutes. It can add candidate’s person profile in terms of psychological analysis.

The PPA test delivers great understanding of workspace persona related to candidates for employers about ‘how they will react to the certain scenarios, what communication style they prefer, how they will deal with the pressure conditions & what motivates them exactly for better success.

Traits that are being assessed in your PPA test:


Determination of any natural leader or courageous person? Perhaps domineering or an aggressive?


To figure out how good a candidate is at taking the instructions & listening? Are they willing to follow certain rules as well as adhere to the company’s policies & procedures?


The willing to fit inside the team, whether they will fit into an active or passive job roles inside the team.


Determine, whether a candidate is able to complete tasks under a pressurized situation that is actually an important skills for various job roles.

At the end of PPA test, you have to select around 48 unique adjectives that actually describe your approach towards the work or job role. All these things can be put together to form your image as well as your preferred working style.

Thomas-International GIA section

A General Intelligence based Assessment or GIA is the kind of test designed by the experts to examine individual’s general intelligence.

This section contains 20 minutes of time duration for instructions reading and then around 20 minutes of more time for solving the test.

Your GIA score will be based on your speed & accuracy, so it is very important for you to have more practice on these sort of questions with take my online Thomas international tests for me to improve your performance as soon as possible. The GIA test helps employers in finding out the capability of the candidates.

This test is broken down into 5 different sub sections:

Number accuracy & speed 

Your ability to play around the numbers.

Perceptual speed

Spot the inaccuracies from the given set of tables, numbers, text etc. and show your ability to filter out any irrelevant information.


Given a passage, you have to show your skills to logically drawing the conclusions from what has been inferred.

Spatial visualisation

Manipulate any shape, object mentally to show how adaptive you are in terms of powerful visualisation.

Thomas’s International HPTI section

This section can assess 6 different workplace personality-traits. These traits are important for any high rank positions or senior level job roles.

Six traits on which a candidate is going to be examined are:


The level of performance under pressure & how quickly you can adjust yourself as per the changeable scenarios.


A level of self-discipline that is important for any effective position and to be a better leader.

Approach to risk

A willingness to bring on some risk (it can be positive or negative), but indicate, a candidate is more comfortable in terms of dealing with challenges & change.


Ability to think differently with an innovative approach that is very desirable for market leaders.

Ambiguity acceptance

Ability to cope-up unique & unexpected circumstances.


You need certain level of competitiveness for reaching the top position.

Better Tips for getting prepared for the Thomas International test:-

Answer honestly

One of the best ways to give your blood and sweat to the online assessment is by being honest as much as you can so that you have the assurance of best deliver your true character towards the answers given by you.

Check-out your technology used

Don’t let the technology ruin your entire test. You need to check for the supported applications like Zoom with working camera & microphone etc. Also, check for the internet connectivity & its speed.

Learn from past mistakes

While practicing different types of questions, candidates are requested to focus around reviewing given questions for at least a single time. Candidates can also look further ways to easily improve yourself by the help of eliminating wrong answers.

Practice various online tests

With multiple varieties of tests online, you can easily grab an opportunity to get familiar with exam format without any hesitation and feels exam like situation.

Remember the clock

Make sure to give proper time to each & every question, while taking the time-based test. We know that giving answers to each & every question correctly is very important but at the same time, you need to be sure about having sufficient time for remaining questions that are doable.


A profile is built of your general intelligence, working style and personality traits, depending on which Thomas International tests you take. It’s important to remember that Thomas International tests value speed as much as accuracy, so answering quickly and confidently is important.

This particular test has the challenging scenario to clear and most of the time people get into the trouble if they don’t have any practice for the same. It is like an elimination process where most of the people gets out, so we can say that this will give us a clear idea about the strength & weaknesses of the candidate. You need to have a good amount of practice for creating a difference among your competition.

With different variety of tests available online, you need to grab your opportunity for getting familiar to exam format & how exactly it feels with the exam like conditions. You can begin your preparations with the hints and tips from take my online Thomas International tests for me services online.

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