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    What is a Psychometric Test?

    The Psychometric assessment tests can be said as the important framework for taking candidates on the same level in terms of frequently utilization of skill-based assessment that is the major part of recruitment for various employers. This test can determine, whether a candidate is right fit for the job role or not in order to match the key values of the organization with those of the candidates. Along with this, the psychometric assessment is also useful in case of precise assessment of abilities of the candidates to work efficiently with their colleagues.

    In case you are not able to give the exam by your own then we have the team of experts that will do the job on your behalf in a right manner and also under the stipulated period of time. The examshelpers is having 10 plus year of experience in taking Psychometric exam on the behalf of candidates.

    If you are looking for someone to Take my online job placement exam for me that has the employment exam then we simply do the job for you.

    Pay someone to take my online job placement exam, We helped our clients to pass assessments from top companies,

    We also help to pass tests arranged by colleges / universities.

    What Kind of Services We Offer to Pass Your Psychometric Exams!

    Practice Tests: We have designed and customized special kind of tests according to the job placement company. You can purchase the set of questions and answers from us and practice it well. It has been designed by special team of experts who have experience in job placement exams for more than 10 years. We guarantee you a success in your job placement exams If you practice our questions and answers.

    Special Study guides: Our team have prepared a specific document for each of the companies taking job placement exams. These are in form of PDF which will help you prepare yourself before the psychometric tests. If you purchase our study guides and go through it nicely it will not only help you to pass your job placement exams but also in the stage of interviews. We have covered technical and interview questions as well on our study guides. Pass my interview for me? Hire us!

    Flag Cards Availability: We have also made a set of more than 1000 flash cards for those candidates who wants to test their own skills and see where they stand and how is their performance before doing job placement exams. If you find yourself prepared you can go ahead and take the psychometric test else allow us the chance, we will pass your psychometric test for you with flying colors.

    We have covered all the sections in Flash cards such as Numerical, Verbal, Situational, Personality and many more. You can learn on your own pace with the help of flash cards.

    Video Tutorials: Video Assistance is one of the most important tool and technique that we have launched recently for those candidates who wants to take one on one session and improve their job skills with us. We will assign you the best expert as per the company in which you are applying and then you can take live tutorial from our expert and understand the techniques and shortcuts which can help you to answers job placement questions more quickly and effectively.

    Impact Of Psychometric Tests: Psychometric tests play an important role as companies gives these tests to the users so that they can take the test and score higher marks. Those whoever gets higher grades gets a chance to work in a particular company. This is one of the most effective way companies hire the right candidate for there companies. Usually, all the tests are taken online and interviews are face to face.

    This gives a real chance to all the candidates  across the world sitting from their home can apply to any company and get there dream job. Getting a job in your dream company is not far away now. You can take help of and we will help you from starting to end.

    What To Keep in Mind While Preparing Yourself for Job Placement Exams:

    Focus on Topics: While preparing yourself for job placement exams you need to keep focus. Don’t distract yourself. Prepare yourself along with our experts in a quiet and calm environment. We also prefer to keep a stop watch with you which helps a lot in improving your skills as per the time limit.

    Time Management: Plan and schedule your day as per the preparation. Don’t waste your time. Practice as many as questions possible. We also have mock job placement exams available with us. More you do better you perform in your psychometric exams.

    Psychometric Test Anxiety: We have often seen many candidates do not perform due to anxiety. If you take help of our experts, we will prepare you with all the possible questions, logics, accuracy. Looking to hire someone to take my psychometric test for me? Hire us! Do not take stress as we are here to help you!

    Most Important Types of Psychometric Tests We Cover:

    Numerical Reasoning Tests: This is one of the most important tests for any company. We have special team of experts as our experts are very good in Math and numerical section. You have to be fast and accurate in this. We do Numerical tests really well and score high.

    Verbal Reasoning Tests: In this you have to be very strong in English. Our special team of experts who are from across the world is very good in English grammar and writing. So while doing verbal assessment tests we do writing as well as passages really well. You can score high hiring our special verbal tam of experts.

    Situational Reasoning Tests: These tests are usually taken by companies to see the judgements of candidates and decision-making skills. How they react on particular scenarios. We can crack this for you easily and effectively.

    Logical Reasoning Tests: All questions are based on logic. This can be done by numerical expert who is good in math and logics. We have done more than 1000 logic reasoning tests till now.


    Take my online psychometric Test

    Are you not able to cope up with the Psychometric Test in one night? Is your concentration level being not up-to the mark to get through the exam online? Well, we are here for you. Just hand over your login details and exam helpers will be ready to do the job on your behalf. We can finish your aptitude section for the recruitment, abstract, verbal, numerical reasoning section or any other test format at no worries. Searching for the options in regards to take my online Psychometric Test? Then we are having the long list of experts for you.

    Can someone take my Job Placement Exam For Me?

    You can hire us and we will do your job placement exam. We know looking for a job is already s stressful matter. Its not possible for everyone to pass the job placement exam. Dealing with this stress and clearing a job placement exam altogether is not a quick game. You need to score really high to get the job in this competitive world. While hiring our experts we make sure that you get your dream job and your money that you have paid to us does not goes into vain. We have a experience of more than 8 years and we have done almost all the job placement exams for all the companies. If you really think you can get to : Pay someone to take my job placement exam for me? Hire us.

    Take my Employment exam for Me?

    Want to apply for a new job or looking forward to switch to the multinational company that is having broad opportunities for you as a candidate but you don’t have the knowledge to get through their recruitment process online? Then don’t worry you are in right place.

    Our online psychometric test taking experts will take care about all the things that you need to finish the online recruitment process in no time and get your favourite job in your hands. We are here to give you expert guidance in terms of taking the employment exam on your behalf & help you in getting the high score so that you can have your job that you are looking for safely in your hands.

    Pass my Pre-Placement test?

    Are you having your job-placement pre-examination scheduled for the next week? Are you struggling hard to get your dream job & get rid-off difficulties you are facing in your life? Then what are you waiting for just contact our experts for taking the test on your behalf. We are really providing you important benefits linked with test sections like numerical, verbal, logical and psychometric assessment. Those who are looking for better opportunities in terms of taking the services of pay someone to take my online pre-placement test, we are having good news for them.

    Just forget all your worries and get ahead in your life in terms of securing your job taking our crucial services regarding take my SHL recruitment test online. If you are concerned about the security of your job-placement in your favourite company, then contact our team & we will be there for you all the time.

    The psychometric assessment rounds are very important for every candidate to pass through it. In case you are planning to have a secured job in any company online you need to give multiple tests online. All psychometric tests are pretty useful for the assessment of various candidates for different job roles. You need a lot of practice and effective knowledge to pass all the sections.

    Valuable Reviews

    Psychometric Test

    Numerical, Deadline: 3 days

    Your expert was excellent, showcasing a thorough comprehension of difficult subjects. Your study is extensive, and the field advantages greatly from your ideas. I appreciate your commitment & knowledge.

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    Bank Of America

    Job Assessment: 3 Sections, Deadline: 10 days

    Both your writing & your reasoning are strong and vital points. I appreciate your academic contribution. I got my dream job. Many thanks

    Order Id: 03654

    Study Guide

    Case Study: 7 Pages, Deadline: 5 days

    Your case study on nutrition subject is quite informative and this sheds light on eating habits & how they affect health. Your recommendations are truly supported by evidence, & your analysis is comprehensive. I appreciate your knowledge in this crucial field.

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    Logical Reasoning Test

    SHL, Deadline: 5 days

    Excellent expert with strong knowledge of logical and numerical reasoning. I cleared my SHL exam successfully.

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    McKinsey Exam

    Psychometric Test, Deadline: 4 days

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    Criteria test, Deadline: 2 days

    I got 40 questions correct out of 50. I am really shocked and happy. Thank you guys!

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    McKinsey Exam

    Psychometric Test, Deadline: 4 days

    Great expert and I got selected in top 10. He was very knowledgeable and fast. I appreciate team!

    Order Id: 00248

    Criteria test, Deadline: 2 days

    I got 40 questions correct out of 50. I am really shocked and happy. Thank you guys!

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    Wonderlic Test, Deadline: 3 days

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    Flash Cards: 100 Cards, Deadline: 7 days

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    Why taking help regarding Psychometric Tests online?

    We are having wide range of experts who are graduate, post graduate as well as masters of various skill-based assessment rounds for many companies online. You can make use of them to get a chance to win your dream job.

    Why taking psychometric assessment is really difficult for the candidates?

    • The online psychometric assessment tests are of objective nature and having in different level of difficulty thus it enables the possibility of getting low scores if not prepared well.
    • Companies are in search of bright candidates who are much more reliable and efficient in terms of various skillset.
    • The recruitment processes are not getting much more competitive and needs a lot of hard work.

    In case you are not prepared well for the exam or test but want to secure a dream job with your own then it is better to utilise the delightful services of who is there to serve you better by the all means of securing great marks.

    We have three categories of plans:

    Taking the help of your PC for Assessment passingwith remote access 

    You can take this service; in case you want us to take the test from your PC instead of any other computer with a remote access by making use of any remote connection software. Our software is 100% safe secure and reliable. Once exam is done you can delete the same also yourself easily.

    Generalised Assessment passing

    Our expert exam takers will pass the online exam on your behalf. You just need to share the test taking link. Here exact pricing may vary as per the type of test you want us to take.

    Assessment passing together with Screen recording service

    Once you have shared the link of your exam, our experts will pass the exam on your behalf & also give you screen recording of your complete exam. This is the best you can have if you want to get familiar with further rounds of interview and want to observe the pattern.

    Stay connected & get ready to have high score for your next assessment.

    Pricing For Psychometric Exams & Refund Process:

    We offer various pricing plans for psychometric tests:

    • If it’s an online exam you need to send us the email that you received from your job provider. Our expert will login and take the psychometric test for you using your country IP. Price Quote for such a service is starting from USD 149/Exam
    • If you want the exam to be done on your screen then our expert panel will connect with your screen as per the agreed date and time and complete the job assessment. In that case its your IP only as we are connecting with your screen. Price Quote for such a service is starting from USD 200/Exam
    • Practice Tests & Study Guides: As we offer customized practice tests and study guides as per the job exam you are applying to that costs starting from USD 100/Practice test. Usual duration is 30 minutes.
    • Flash Cards: Pricing starts from USD 49 & goes up to USD 119
    • Video Tutorials: Price depends on number of sessions and type of exam you are taking. General Price Quote for such a service is starting from USD 25/Hour

    Note: This is all tentative pricing as rest depends on type of company you are applying to, deadline, country and number of sections your job provider has given you.

    You can contact us anytime via our email: [email protected], Live chat, Call & WhatsApp.

    Our website is SSL protected and does not share any user data. You can easily share the details with our representative. We never share your name, email or contact information with any third party. We keep it very confidential. We also never share any of your details with the job providers.

    Refund Policy

    We have kept our refund policy very transparent and clear. If you give us any job placement exam to do and we are not able to pass the test for you then you need to show the report that has been received by you by a job provider and if its below average then we will refund you the whole amount without any argument and questions.

    Please note all the refunds are taken care within 10 days of exam given by us and not beyond.

    If you are not satisfied with our study guides, flash cards and material we can revise and send back as many times as you want. Always ready to help!


    You just need to send the link for the test provided by the employer to our experts through our social media channels, online form or email and then discuss about the pricing & deadline.

    You can possibly get the score in the range of 80-90% but not too higher to be out from any sort of suspiciousness. In case you want low or high score other that discussed above, you can contact our experts.

    Once you have made the request for taking your test, within 12 hours, our experts will carry out the test. After the test starts, it will be completed within an hour. For more information on timing, you can contact exams helpers.

    Our group of experts work on the post-paid service. We will send a link to pay for the services with secured payment gateway like PayPal. It is just similar to purchasing something from the Ecommerce website online.

    We follow strict guidelines and thus we never disclose any of your information on any platform or with any other individual.

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