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The Watson-Glaser test is the type of psychometric assessment test that actually comes under the division of critical reasoning tests. It is useful for the assessment of candidates in terms of how well he or she can process the given information from the logical perspective in order to evaluate, analyse as well as make some sound judgements. 

The Watson Glaser test

Established in the year 1925, when and developed by the American psychologists Mr Goodwin Watson & Edwin Glaser. After many improvements & revisions over the passing years, the Watson Glaser test does not have the new publisher Talent-Lens & it can be considered as among the list of most authentic & trusted evaluations for various companies.

The Critical reasoning section is bit complex and needs an ability to perfectly interpret the given information, draw some evidence-based research, differentiate the facts from the fallacy as well as identify the sound arguments.

Just like many other critical reasoning tests online, the Watson-Glaser round can measure all the supportive skills in terms of verbal information: like statements, passage of text for making deductions & inferences, pinpoint the assumptions required to validate any proposition and at last weigh up strength of the argument.

In case you have applied to any graduate, managerial, professional level of job roles within the sector that needs critical thinking then you will definitely see Watson-Glaser test.

Test Format for the Watson Glaser:

A Watson-Glaser test is purely time-based and it is of MCQ type of assessment with its latest version contains 40 questions with time limitation of 30-minutes.

Here, questions are logically split into 5 different sections:

Drawing inferences

A short paragraph will be given followed by a different set of inferred statements, here, you are requested to analyse the given data information from the paragraph to figure out whether the given statements are false or true, probably true, probably false etc. or you think the given information is insufficient to find the solution.

Recognising assumptions

A certain statements with multiple assumptions is given, in case given statement relies perfectly on given assumption and it is true then mark your answer as ‘assumption made’. In case it is irrelevant then mark your answer as ‘assumption is not made’.


This section is much similar to deductive reasoning section, here you are requested to figure out whether a given conclusion possibly be drawn from the argument.

Evaluating the arguments

You have to show your ability in regards to separating the weaker argument from the stronger one. This section can test you your impartial-evaluation of the given arguments and not exactly about the personal opinion.

How to prepare for a Watson Glaser test

The Watson-Glaser test is mainly built around the model named RED. 

Different types of components that are linked with RED model:

Recognising assumptions

You need to recognize the assumptions and define whether any evidential proof is present or not for the things to define true or false based on the assumptions.

Evaluating the arguments

Here, you will learn about viewing both side of the story, the more you prepare the better will be your ability to evaluate the given arguments critically with your Watson-Glaser test.

Drawing conclusions

You have to practice the questions in relation to drawing the facts based conclusion instead of focusing on emotional reactions, subconscious bias etc. Because the Watson-Glaser test needs you to conclude things impartially, you can practice a lot for them with take my online Watson Glaser tests for me without any hesitation.


As per the Watson-Glaser test, the critical thinking or reasoning is something that is associated with an ability to clearly observe the particular scenario & consider it correctly from different perspectives, while simultaneously identifying the facts, assumptions and opinions behind it. With the help of this, you can be able to derive logical conclusions for making some informed decisions.

A critical reasoning is just like a part of every-day life. In order to improve your skills in relation to critical reasoning section, you have to ask yourself certain questions, look for the evidences in each statement you come across, read news and know more about events. You need to practice regularly for increasing your level.

This test has the challenging scenario to clear and most of the time people get into the trouble if they don’t have any practice for the same. It is like an elimination process where most of the people gets out, so we can say that this will give us a clear idea about the strength & weaknesses of the candidate. You need to have a good amount of practice for creating a difference among your competition.

You can do a good amount of practice for the Watson Glaser tests with the help of free test series available on their platform first and then move on to the deep practice & preparation in terms of specialist practice packages available one.


Tips on preparing for the Watson Glaser section

Learn from past mistakes

While practising for the different variety of questions, you should always focus on reviewing the given questions for at least once. You can also look for the ways to improve yourself by looking after the wrong answers.

Practice various online tests under the simulated conditions

With different variety of tests available online, you need to grab your opportunity for getting familiar to exam format & how exactly it feels with the exam like conditions.

Examine the instructions carefully

This sounds pretty common yet, you need to be aware about the instructions given as there are majority of candidates who don’t read instructions carefully during the starting time of the test. You need to follow the structure while taking test online.

Do your research thoroughly 

Perform your searching as much as possible and find out everything about the company’s job role you are going to apply as it is really important for you to understand this for performing great. This thing can help you to tailor the answers correctly in a prioritizing manner.

Split your level of preparation

You cannot overstate the importance of practising with the Kenexa tests but there are also various other ways by which you can prepare yourself-mentally. Starts reading the business articles, financial news, read the passages which contain some text and be confident with terminologies. You can boost up your performance with self-confidence.

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