Pay Someone to Take My Online RBS Tests

The Royal Bank of Scotland or simply RBs is one of the largest organization that has over 18.9 million customers globally.

What are the different careers opportunities for you in RBS?

With long term targets & commitments to deliver you mind blowing results to the customers, RBS employs number of candidates every year on the board who are most talented, dedicated and passionate individuals all around the world.

Upon getting entry into the RBS, you can make your career path progressively together with different number of challenges associated with it to polish your career. If you have better skills and natural talents then you can choose to be enrolled in any one of the graduate programmes like: Change & business Solutions, RBS International, Communications & Marketing, Human Resources, Customers Solutions, Private Banking, Risk, Internal Audit, Conduct & Restructuring and various technology Solutions.

Most of the time graduates of the RBS programmes are better assessed in the form of roll over basis as for many job roles places are filled as soon as they come even before the closing date, so if you interested in any stream of RBS then it is better advised to apply as fast as you can.

The RBS Application Process has different sections like:

  • An online Application form
  • A Psychometric Test
  • Video Interviews
  • Assessment Centre day
  • Reassessment for RBS Psychometric Tests

An online Application form

This is the first step for you to take while applying for specific job roles at RBS. After filling up the online application form different job roles at RBS the next step is the cycle of various psychometric tests.

A Psychometric Test

It is the key component for the selection of job roles at the Royal Bank of Scotland. To further go to the next stage you need to have sufficient amount of progressive points for at the following tests that you can take with pay someone to take my online RBS tests online.

  • Situational Judgement Tests
  • Numerical Reasoning Tests
  • Diagrammatic or Logical Reasoning Tests

RBS’s Situational Judgement Test

The Situational Judgment Test taken by the RBS is consist of various set of questions in order to assess how you are going to react into different hypothetical events or situations that might be faced by the candidate during the workplace at RBS.

It is just like a litmus test for you with variety of values & behaviours in order to assess your ability to work as per the culture of company without any hesitation.

15 scenarios will be given & you need to have right answers to grant access to the next stage. The total time period of test will be 20 – 30 minutes.

The RBS Interactive Game-Sky Rise City

This interactive test mainly consist upon your ability to define how cognitive you are and how much able you are in terms of processing tiny information that is more complex. You don’t have to be quick as there is no time limit for this game.

Total of 3000 data points needs to be collected by the candidate in order to assess your performance as the information from this test will be used as an input for further creation of your profile based on the job relevant characteristics.

Results here are not totally deterministic & it is not at all influence your overall results for the specified job roles in your application.

RBS’s Numerical Reasoning Test

MCQ can assess an ability to better evaluate, interpret, analyse the numerical data that is delivered in front of you in terms of charts, tables, graphs etc. The time is limited and you need to find the correct answers from set of questions like ratios, percentages, basic arithmetic etc. in an effective manner.

RBS’s Diagrammatic & logical Reasoning Tests

You need to show your skills in terms of sequences & patterns for the identification of skillset, your logical thinking ability as well as how you are going to approach to various problems.

You will have limited time to complete it almost minute or less for every question. Questions here are mainly comprises of numbers, shapes, figures etc. that are arranged in the particular format or pattern.

RBS Video Interviews

After passing out the above discussed steps the video interview taken by RBS is the main step in order to assess your ability to present yourself effectively. You need to record all your responses with the help of PC, microphone, web cam and better internet connection. This step may take almost 20-30 minutes.

RBS Assessment Centre day

  • This is the last step you need go with.
  • It may take your whole day so be ready for it.
  • It is a mix of different activities as per your individuality or group.
  • Interview – Typical face to face assessment for finding out your strength that are very important for the job roles.
  • Group Exercises: ability to make good balance between your leadership & teamwork spirit.
  • Presentation: Ability to present yourself with little information given.
  • Written Assignment: Asked to write report at least one as per the plethora of information given.

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