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If you are looking for the bright talent to explore in terms of accountancy positions then this page is just for you. There are wide range of aptitude tests are available which are utilised by the employers on regular basis for the recruitment of candidates.

The Accountancy’s Psychometric round 

The Psychometric assessment section is the key component for every Accountancy based job roles and the recruitment process. As per the accountancy firm you are going to apply, the psychometric sections can be different. In this type of assessment, you will generally face verbal reasoning section, numerical reasoning section, situational assessment section and diagrammatic or logical reasoning section.

In case you want to apply for any job role at any Accountancy based firm then it is important for you to figure out some details about the psychometric round first and then go ahead with your practice by take my online accountancy tests for me to better your performance.

The Accountancy’s Numerical Reasoning section

Here, the total of 20-25 questions are needs to be answered with the time limit of 20 minutes for the topics like graphs, tables, percentages etc. Here you can be asked to perfectly analyse the provided data & then choose the correct answer from the list of answers. No need of any prior high level maths knowledge only school level maths will be sufficient.

Most of the time companies looks upon the candidates for filling the accountancy-based job roles so the companies expect individuals to increase their numeracy skills before applying for the job. Here the skills that are important can be strong thinking ability skills, problem solving skills. The recruitment process by those companies put emphasis on the aptitude section for giving candidates a chance to demonstrate such sort of skills.

It is very common for these sections to be numeracy based as the employer wants to see how superbly you can handle given information & can complete some complex calculation. It is better recommended for you to revise the numeracy principles like ratios, fractions, decimals, percentages etc.

The types of questions presented here in front of you will better expect candidates to perfectly analyse the numeracy based data given in the form of chart, table, balance sheet, graph etc. You have almost a minute for each question and a calculating device is also given to you for the online exam.

 These accountancy based numerical reasoning rounds can be specific to your accountancy based data. Candidates are required to interpret the given information like different set of inflation, accounts, profit & loss accounts, cost of productions, currency conversions, transport & other everyday data. While they can be challenging, they will expect you to have some knowledge of university level for better success.

The Accountancy’s Verbal Reasoning section

The Accountancy’s verbal reasoning test mainly contains different kinds of paragraphs required to understand after reading in order to carefully answer the questions in an optimized manner. The different types of options you will be presented can be false, true and can’t Say. Verbal reasoning round mainly assess your analytical skills, comprehension skills, grammatical skills as well as language-understanding skills. Student can easily practice for different sorts of questions in relation to verbal reasoning test at ExamsHelpers portal. If you want to practice similar types of questions then you can take help of ExamsHelpers with ‘Take My Online Accountancy Tests for me’.

The Accountancy based Situational Judgement round

This accountancy based recruitment section has a lot of challenging situations to deliver to the successful candidates who have cleared previous sections completely. The scenarios given here are just similar to the one you may face during your workplace. There can be number of responses possibly to that particular situation, candidate need to select the best one that can fit into the scenario easily. Apart from that, this test can figure out how you will react to those situations. It is important for you to read the data carefully and then analyse that without any hesitation.

The Accountancy’s Logical Reasoning section

A logical reasoning test or a diagrammatic reasoning section by the Accountancy mainly contains numerous varieties of questions to be answered with choices given in the form of shapes and patterns. In each & every question a missing term will be given and a candidate is required to give particular answers from multiple answer choices in an accurate manner. The Accountancy’s logical reasoning test can exactly measure or analyses the problem solving skills of a candidate.

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The Accountancy’s Assessment Centre round 

In case the accountancy firm you are applying or want to apply to has the assessment Centre round then here you need to solve questions related to psychometric tests, group exercises, interviews, case studies, presentations etc. Take help from the take my online accountancy tests for me for getting prepared and being ready for the section in a right manner.

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