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Stands for Australian Council for the Educational Research, the ACER is linked with best possible assessment provider TestGrid. This the test designed by the experts to deliver a clear picture about individual’s capabilities utilised by the schools, universities, training organizations, and employers.

What exactly an ACER test is?

From the year 1930, the Company ACER has remained as one of the best & among the leading educational-research companies across the world & it has helped various organisations in assessment, monitoring as well as providing better level of opportunities for deserving people.

This mainly focuses on delivering reporting as well as assessment tools for various educational institutions like schools, TAEF institutions, universities & training organisations or workplaces.

The wide range of availability of the tests from the ACER shows that the educational firms or institutions who are looking for better assessment for their students or many companies at workplaces are hiring, monitoring as well as identifying the key level opportunities for various staff.

The ACER’s research analysis is particularly based upon the learning as well as improving the individuals globally with businesses or educational providers.

Various types of ACER assessment suites

ACER’s CSPA or Core Skills-Profile for the Adults

This includes:

  • Numeracy test
  • Reading test
  • Writing assessment 
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Mechanical reasoning

ACER’s VST or a Vocational Selection round 

You are requested to take 3 out these 5 subtests that are given below:

  • The ACER verbal-reasoning
  • Core vocational-selection test that contains verbal, numerical as well as abstract reasoning
  • The ACER’s quantitative reasoning section
  • The ACER’s abstract reasoning round
  • Few Optional components like mechanical reasoning, interpersonal understanding etc.

The ACER’s Special Tertiary Admission round 

Designed by the experts to receive university education very quickly, this tertiary admission process for most likely suitable for the mature students or for those who didn’t had a satisfactory ATAR. This contains verbal, quantitative reasoning.

The ACER’s verbal reasoning section

This specifically showcase how the test actually looks & how well one can understand as well as manipulate the words.

Here is the type of questions for are going to face:

  • List of statements
  • Odd one out
  • Word association

You need to spend a lot of time with this format to make sure you will get comfortable in terms of word-meaning questions & analogies for getting improvement over speed, confidence & accuracy.

The ACER’s quantitative reasoning section

The quantitative reasoning section by ACER is very much similar to the numerical reasoning section in terms of overall format, you need to highlight your ability to work with the numbers as well as data to give answers to various mathematical questions.

The questions can be of type like short passages with mathematical questions. You can brush up all your understanding about general mathematical principles with the help of take my online ACER tests. Together you need to have better reading ability to digest the given data as quickly as possible 

The ACER’s abstract reasoning section

In abstract reasoning section by ACER you need to highlight your ability to think strategically and this is just like any traditional deductive-reasoning section. The questions you will face are in the form of shapes, diagrams, patterns, & puzzles. You need to find the relationship between given images & find out which one is missing.

The ACER’s mechanical reasoning round 

The Acer mechanical reasoning section covers few basic principles related to mechanics & physics-ranging from the cause & effect, to pulleys, energy, and levers. The duration is 20 minutes & you need to solve around 42 different variety of questions. The Format of the questions will be MCQ type. You just need a basic mechanical knowledge.

Methods to pass ACER’s tests

  • Collect the entire information
  • Practice, Practice & Practice 
  • Make your revision a fun loving task
  • Change or try new perspective 
  • Timing is crucial 


In case you are a candidate selected for further rounds of assessments then you are requested to handle raw score as per the total number of questions correctly answered. Also, you are going to get access to scale score for a simple comparison between scores obtained and the scores earned by other candidates in the similar test. The high scale scores can define the ability to perform well in the test.

This particular test has the challenging scenario to clear and most of the time people get into the trouble if they don’t have any practice for the same. It is like an elimination process where most of the people gets out, so we can say that this will give us a clear idea about the strength & weaknesses of the candidate. You need to have a good amount of practice for creating a difference among your competition.

The total length of the test may vary and this doesn’t have any fixed timing but it depends on how fast you can get into the solutions for each & every problems and how you are answering to the multiple questions at the start.

This test is used particularly across the Australia for the identification of few talented students for the purpose of scholarship. This test is not only focuses around the how strong you are on the curriculum but also how talented you are with different range of skill set like deductive reasoning, critical reasoning, language proficiency etc. to prove your worth for the scholarship.

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