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The Revelian or One-test, is the Australia’s aptitude tests service provider. Created by the professional psychologists, its mindful tests are utilized by the different employers worldwide in order to better assist recruitment process.

What is the Revelian test?

A Revelian is the Australian organisation, produces psychometric assessment tests, in order to deliver data-driven candidates to companies in terms of personality types, attributes and abilities. Their test taking process can help decision-makers or recruiters to perfectly identify suitable candidates for the job roles.

It is the most reliable and the most affordable psychometric assessment test service provider inside Australia.

The Revelian’s test categories

The Revelian company publishes around fourteen individual psychometric assessment tests. These all are designed by the experts to focus around some specified skills or traits. It is the job of the employer to decided the relevancy of the job roles with better combination of the tests.

These 14 tests are:

  • Cognify
  • Emotify
  • 16 Personality-Factors-Questionnaire or 16PF: Untimed test but usually takes 30 minutes, where you will face 170 questions, this reveals much about the candidate’s behaviour & characteristics.
  • Abstract Reasoning section
  • Behavioural Profile
  • Cognitive Ability section
  • Emotional Intelligence or MSCEIT
  • Numerical Reasoning section
  • Skills Test
  • Values Inventory
  • Verbal Reasoning section
  • Profile check-up for Work Preferences 
  • The Work-Reliability Scale
  • The Work-Safety Assessment


The Revelian’s numerical reasoning section

Here you can be asked to perfectly analyse the provided data & then choose the correct answer from the list of answers. No need of any prior high level maths knowledge only school level maths will be sufficient.

This section can allow you only 12 minutes in which you need to solve 25 questions.

The Revelian’s verbal reasoning section

This section can perfectly measure your vocab, reading comprehension as well as the ability to play with the words.

This section is having 35 questions in total and the candidates will be given 10 minute to solve all of them. You are advised to move into the questions as soon as you can. There is no penalty for any wrong answer.

The Revelian’s abstract reasoning section

This section is having 32 questions that are designed by the experts to verify your skills related to abstract information as well as identification of different patterns or a relationship between them to solve complicated questions. The total time duration for this test is 10 minutes.

The Revelian’s cognitive ability section or RCAT

Cognitive ability round or RCAT round by Revelian can assess your overall cognitive functions to make sure you are having necessary fundamental skillset to fulfil criteria needed for any job role. This section can be assessed in terms of multiple series of assessments mainly subdivided into 3 parts: verbal, numerical & abstract reasoning. This whole test contains 51 questions & can easily provide a broad overview of all your abilities. You will have around 20 minutes to finish off with the test.

Please be aware about the difficulty level of the questions as you progress ahead in the test.

The Revelian’s situational assessment round

This section is mainly focused around workspace scenarios, and made for the assessment of graduate stream-based job roles. You have to take some decisions and then you will be analysed in terms of response you choose with particular actions. Take help from take my online Revelian tests for me, so that you can get your dream job. 

Which employers use Revelian tests?

The Australian-owned Company Revelian has the variety of sections and because of its wide range of options it is used throughout the Australia by various private corporations, public organisations, and sometimes by the government.

Some of the well-known companies as well as organisations using Revelian tests:-

  • Caltex
  • Pepsico
  • Australian Government
  • The Workers Compensation & Independent-Review Office
  • Deloitte
  • Manpower
  • Ingenia Polymers
  • BlackDot
  • Pegasus Employment
  • Bendigo & Adelaide Bank
  • Parsons Brinckerhoff
  • Honeywell
  • ComActivity
  • Westpac Group
  • The Australian Taxation Office
  • The Bond University
  • PPB Advisory
  • AMP
  • Telstra
  • Energy Australia


How to pass the Revelian tests:-

Carefully listen to the instructions

This sounds pretty common yet, you need to be aware about the instructions given as there are majority of candidates who don’t read instructions carefully during the starting time of the test. You need to follow the structure while taking test online.

Practice various online tests under the simulated conditions

With different variety of tests available online, you need to grab your opportunity for getting familiar to exam format & how exactly it feels with the exam like conditions.

Don’t get stuck

The questions designed by the experts are not really easy and you don’t need to feel depressed. Hiring the best possible candidates is not at all easy job, so don’t let any of the given information or questions ruin your test day instead practice a lot to get to know about the type of questions and let your brain not confuse it.

Do your research

Perform your research as good as you can and find out everything about the company’s job role you are going to apply as it is really important for you to understand this for performing great. This thing can help you to tailor the answers correctly in a prioritizing manner.

Stay calm

If, at any point of time, any question is troubling you during the test taking process then take a deep breath, pause and think again. In case of MCQ type of question try to remove incorrect answers first and then read the possible answer to change the perspective and brings out the correct answer.



The scores obtained by the candidates on different sections are combined to get the overall score and then after their final score will get placed in the line which shows range from Below Average to the Far Above Average in order to show how exactly they are as compared to the group of candidates.  Various comparison groups formed are then used to showcase how candidates within the multiple industries perform at Revelian tests.

The Cognify section is the ability test that contains series of different mini-games. Here, candidates are need to react to certain problems or situations that reflect fast-paced environment of the workspace more accurately. Employers can have a true picture of candidate’s strength & weaknesses.

Few Revelian tests are having time limit while the others are not. Cognify, Emotify, numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, abstract Reasoning, Cognitive Ability section Skills Tests are timed sections.

While the others like 16 Personality-Factors-Questionnaire, Emotional Intelligence, Behavioural Profile, Work-Preferences Profile, Values Inventory, Work-Reliability Scale, as well as Work-Safety Assessment are not timed.

You can take the Revelian Tests from your PC or laptop or tablet, directly from the online platform with the link provided by the employer.

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