Pay Someone to Take My Online EasyJet Tests

The European airline that is completely focused around short-haul and affordable flights, the EasyJet is established as a Revolutionary airline for the European countries in 1995. The company is having almost 200 plus aircrafts and it is one of the largest airlines in UK in terms of number of passengers travelling every year.

Various career opportunities for the candidates at EasyJet

With its dynamic, young approach to see things differently, the EasyJet Company always look for the employees of similar kind. Flies to 30 plus countries across the Europe on shorter haul routes, the EasyJet is having quick turnarounds & it can be surely take multiple take-offs in a single day. The working environment for the EasyJet is very unique as compared to other airlines. If you want a lot of variety in your work & just want a busy life then EasyJet is for you.

In case you need freedom in your life, you can join their flexi-contract job roles if you are a graduate person.

The EasyJet’s Recruitment Process

  • An Online Application
  • The Online Psychometric Tests
  • The Assessment Centre round
  • A Non-Technical Assessment round 
  • The Technical Assessment

The min requirement for different job roles in EasyJet is different and before applying for them as a pilot/co-pilot, take a look at these requirements:

  • For Type-Rated Captains: A minimum of 4000 plus flying hours together with 1000 plus PIC hours
  • For any Non Type-Rated Captain: 4000+ flying hours minimum together with the 1000+ PIC hours for any Jet-aircraft with 30T MTOW
  • For the Type Rated Co-Pilots: 500 hours minimum on the A320
  • For Non Type-Rated Co-Pilots: Minimum of 1000+ flying hours as well as 500+ hours on the aircraft with over 10T MTOW

Apart from that, there are various other requirements too for each job role.

An Online application

An online application for the EasyJet will ask for the resume to be submitted in order to figure out your past experience and there are various other competency based questions are present in the online application that you need to answer.  You need to clearly understand the job role & needs pertaining to that with company’s values, like:

Safety: No compromise on the safety

Simplicity: Simply cut-out things that are of no matter for better cleaned operations.

One team: We work together to find best possible way.

Integrity: Stand by the words & our actions

Passion: Complete passion for the customers, work culture and people.

Pioneering: Figure out new ways for giving easy & affordable travelling options.

The EasyJet’s numerical reasoning section 

Here, the total of 20-25 questions are needs to be answered with the time limit of 20 minutes for the topics like graphs, tables, percentages etc. Here you can be asked to perfectly analyse the provided data & then choose the correct answer from the list of answers. No need of any prior high level maths knowledge only school level maths will be sufficient.

The EasyJet’s verbal reasoning round 

The EasyJet’s assessment in terms of verbal reasoning section mainly comprises of different styles of uniquely arranged paragraphs that as a candidate requires to perfectly read as well as give answers in accordance with the situation. Here, your chosen response can be any one of the three responses given: False, True, and cannot define. The test is taken by the respective authorities to examine analytical, language, reading comprehension, and grammatical skills altogether.

The Assessment centre Round 

A mix of group/individual exercises for measuring candidate’s alignments with competency framework of the EasyJet Company. The assessment can vary from one job role to the other one, however, at the same time it is important for you to get prepared in an effective manner for different kinds of scenarios so that you can easily stand out in the competition.

The Non-technical assessment for the EasyJet

In order to be a great pilot, you need to be perfect with non-technical skills also. Here, you are going to be asked about completing the test with a spatial awareness test. The test can assess your capability to conceptualise the things & objects in terms of both 2D & 3D environment and often wants you to mirror, rotate and translate the given shapes into various perspectives.

If you have applied for the position of Captain then you also need to give non-technical test in terms of personality test. You need to identify the traits, priorities, values for giving an idea to your employer about your response to any particular situation.

The Technical assessment round for EasyJet

This is the final stage of assessment for the Co-pilot position. It is just like the flight simulator testing in which you will be tested upon the flying standards, practical skills as well as your hand eye coordination. You can prepare well for this section with full briefing from take my online EasyJet tests for me services.

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