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The Non-verbal reasoning tests mainly encompass a wide range of questions on psychometric aptitude that are aimed at clearly identifying an ability to better recognise a relationship between patterns and shapes and then define the logic behind them. Apart from that, they are also useful in terms of defining your capability to visualize 2D and 3D figures movements.

What exactly a non-verbal reasoning test is?

It can assess any candidate’s ability to derive logic by applying intelligence & reasoning. In this test it is very necessary for any candidate to visualize the information & then better recognize the rules & patterns associated with questions.

You can be asked to find relationship between patterns, shapes or any visual sequences & then need to identify what will exactly come next.

The non-verbal reasoning tests don’t require language skills or your verbal competency. Here the information given will be absolutely new to the applicants without any need of prior knowledge.

What are the different types of non-verbal reasoning tests?

It’s an umbrella term for many different aptitude tests that are broadly fall into the categories like:

Type of test in which a candidate has to understand logic or pattern given in any sequence of shapes and it is mainly referred by many names like diagrammatic, inductive, abstract and logical reasoning.

It is useful for measuring your spatial awareness together with an ability to better visualize changes as well as movements represented in front of you in the form of 2D & 3D shapes.

Let’s have a detailed look:

Diagrammatic reasoning tests

Shows an ability to think logically in the form of representing various problems in terms of diagrams. You have to study given flow chart, diagrams and shapes in order to work out perfectly with the governing set of rules & then apply derived rules to the new situations. You will be having 60 minutes to solve 20 questions and here questions becomes more difficult as your progress through the level one by one.

The Inductive reasoning tests

Here candidates are require to solve problems by their visuals and logical thinking ability. Here you need to look for different relationships, patterns as well as similarities in the form of series of pictures & then wisely choose your correct answer that can actually fit into the logic. Here the solution will remain probable as per the information given whereas in case of deductive reasoning tests the solution will be certain.

The Abstract reasoning tests

It is just similar to the inductive reasoning but the terms here are used interchangeably sometimes. You are required to the relationship between the series of patterns, shapes, structures given with different, colour and shape.

Spatial awareness tests

Better known as the spatial reasoning, here in this test the questions are clearly assessing your abilities to manipulate, convert shapes coming in your mind and your visualizing abilities in terms of how they may move or change. Usually this sort of test is conducted by employers for the job roles where you are needed to interpret or create plans, drawings like for design, police, engineering and military.

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One of the most prominent ways to get prepared for the non-verbal reasoning tests is just by practicing for the hard questions and sample tests to know exactly what the pattern is. You also need to ensure about your level of practise in a timed condition.

Your final scores will depends upon the type of test but you are surely going to get raw score that will be compared with you in order for find the normative group or with candidates taking the Non-verbal reasoning tests along with you. No passing marks are there but your selection will be depended upon how you are going to perform in relation to other candidates of the same group.

It is very essential for anyone to get familiarise with different types of questions you are going to face in your non-verbal reasoning tests but to have better scope of practise for your online tests then you can join our experts online.

It is a kind of aptitude tests that assess can figure out your ability to better interpret visual data & then solve problems by applying different logic & reasoning. You can easily identify patterns & relationships if any in terms of visualisation of pictures, sequences of shapes etc.

It’s an effective way to perfectly showcasing your ability to use intelligence & creative thinking abilities in order to solve problems or apply logic the new situation. Different industries today using this tests for the better recruitment of candidates with the job roles like engineering, technical etc.

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