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The Kenexa Company is the consultancy that deals with the business psychology and has its international presence. From the year 1987, the Kenexa Company has been delivering required help to other companies for hiring the best possible candidates in terms of psychometric assessment & talent management.

Kenexa test?

The Kenexa test is designed by the experts to get the coverage of almost every conceivable field any recruiter needs in order to know about the candidate.

Kenexa’s test categories

Various sections of Kenexa’s tests:

Advanced reasoning tests: Kenexa’s psychometric section includes verbal & numerical reasoning that aims at better assessment of generalised skills under a limited time condition.

Career fit: Better known as competency-based section aims at effective examination of personal strengths & weaknesses. How a candidate is likely indulged in particular job role.

Culture fit: How a candidate’s values may aligned with those defined by the company you are going to apply. With no wrong or right answers.

Job fit: Helps in determination of needful characteristics a candidate can possess at the workplace.

The KPI’s or Kenexa’s performance indicators: Looks upon the key strengths as well as the traits that are crucial for different job roles a candidate has applied to. It can be either communications skills, ability to make decision as per the instruction given.

Kenexa’s recruitment process

The recruitment process is designed by the experts to better assess needful properties of any candidate with:

  • The Numerical reasoning
  • A Verbal reasoning
  • A Logical reasoning

Apart from that, there will be CAT exam for the Kenexa, it is recently added to the collection of Kenexa’s test portfolio. It can perfectly assess the combined properties of the candidate with numerical, verbal & logical reasoning questions.

Kenexa’s numerical reasoning round

Here, the total of 20-25 questions are needs to be answered with the time limit of 20 minutes for the topics like graphs, tables, percentages etc. Here you can be asked to perfectly analyse the provided data & then choose the correct answer from the list of answers. No need of any prior high level maths knowledge only school level maths will be sufficient.

Kenexa’s verbal reasoning round

The verbal reasoning section taken by the Kenexa mainly contains different types of paragraphs and you need to read as well as understand them carefully for answering the questions in a clear cut manner. Here the options can be false, true or cannot determine. This round can better assesse your reading comprehension skills, analytical skills, language understanding skills & at last grammatical skills. You can practice for these sort of questions at our website with take my online Kenexa tests for me.

Kenexa’s logical reasoning round

This logical reasoning test mainly comprises of multiple questions in relation to sequence of shapes & patterns. With each question a missing term is there, you are provided with various number of answers and you need to choose the one which will be the most accurate answer. 

You need to practice a lot more with take my online Kenexa tests for me in order to get better success.

Who makes use of Kenexa tests?

There are many businesses use makes use of Kenexa’s recruitment process in order to find good talent at the time of applying for the screening round of the recruitment. It is better for you to get prepared with best possible practice from take my online Kenexa tests for me & continue your preparations.

Companies like Balfour Beatty is also making use Kenexa’s numerical reasoning section in order to find best candidates with the natural-aptitude for the numbers, together with the Kenexa’s numerical & verbal reasoning section for screening the candidates for numerical & communication skills.

There are various companies are present inside the market, who makes use of Kenexa’s tests for recruiting the candidates, some of them can be global investment banks, Nomura & Bank of America-Merrill-Lynch.

What is the Process to prepare for the Kenexa tests?

One of the most noticeable thing you can do is a lot practice. The more mock tests you will give the better will be the success rate and better will the performance. This will help you to quickly and accurately find the answers.

You need to find out as much as you can with the help of test you are going to take. You can make some better plans for saving the time & energy both during the recruitment process by practising a lot. You need to focus around stronger & weaker sections & give more time to your weaker section by the help of identification as well as reviewing process. If you need a chance to get ahead in the recruitment process the take help of take my online Kenexa tests. You can consider any quiet place, if it is possible & take more and more questions in front of you.

Five tips to begin your pass any Kenexa test:

Have a varying level of preparation

You cannot overstate the importance of practising with the Kenexa tests but there are also various other ways by which you can prepare yourself-mentally. Starts reading the business articles, financial news, read the passages which contain some text and be confident with terminologies. You can boost up your performance with self-confidence.

Read the instructions carefully

This sounds pretty common yet, you need to be aware about the instructions given as there are majority of candidates who don’t read instructions carefully during the starting time of the test. You need to follow the structure while taking test online.

Make use of logics if you are not sure about the answer

You are not going to give right answers always with each & every question passes, but just be sure about what you are doing & what answer you are going with. You should not be panicking with the situation if you are getting wrong answers continuously. Just try to utilize your logics to flush out the wrong options that cannot be correct.

The clock is ticking

Make sure to give proper time to each & every question, while taking time based test. We know that giving answers to each & every question correctly is very important but at the same time you need to be sure about having sufficient time for remaining questions that are doable.

Don’t get caught out

The questions designed by the experts are not really easy and you don’t need to feel depressed. Hiring the best possible candidates is not at all easy job, so don’t just let information or questions ruin your test day instead practice a lot to get to know about the type of questions and let your brain not confuse it.


The total answers marked by the candidate will get compared with the scores obtained by everyone else. Your employer just want to let them know about what your consideration is & how exactly you see the answers.

Kenexa test is designed by the experts to be much more challenging, however with your continuous efforts & best possible practice, you will succeed in no time.

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