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The Barclays plc is the leading British multinational investment bank & financial services with headquartered is in London.

Career opportunities at Barclays

Barclays Company offers you a wide range of better useful career opportunities in terms of different graduate development Programs for the Retail/ Business Banking, Investment Banking, wealth & management sectors and Corporate Banking.

The application process for the Barclays

  • The Online Application form
  • Stage-1 of the Business Insight
  • Stage-2 of the Business Insight
  • Telephone Interviews
  • And Barclays Business Meet


The Online Application form

The Barclays application process starts with the filling up of very basic details like your experience, personal details as well as your academic history. You should carefully fill each & every detail as this is one of the crucial steps of your selection.

The Barclays Psychometric Tests

It is the key component for Barclays’s Application Process and depends solemnly upon the graduate Program route that candidates have taken. You need to sit in the numerical reasoning tests, logical reasoning tests or diagrammatic reasoning test, personality tests as well as situational judgement tests.

Following are the details you need to be taken into consideration:

The numerical reasoning test for the Barclays

This is MCQ based reasoning test and can better assess your ability to analyse, evaluate, interpret the needful information which is given in the form of tables, charts, graphs etc. Under the limited time period, you need to complete this section and give the answers based upon ratios, percentages, basic arithmetic problems that must be executed effectively & quickly in terms of better accuracy level.

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The Barclays Diagrammatic or Logical Reasoning Test

This test is take by the Company to effectively determine your ability to logically derive answers from the pattern, sequences given and how a candidate is in terms of approaching to the problems. With limited time provided you have to solve as much as you can. The difficulty level of the questions will get increased one after the other as you progress towards the questions.

The Barclays Situational Judgement Test

It is a test with different set of assessment based questions to figure out how a candidate will react to the hypothetical events & situations that may be faced by the candidate inside the Barclays workplace. It is the important test for testing out how you may be aligned with the core values and behaviours of the Barclays.

The Barclays Personality Test

It is the kind of test that may be specific to the role you have applied for as per the work culture of Barclays. It is basically aimed at deciphering your mind to see what kind of person a candidate is, what you consider important in your life, what can motivate you and what are your strengths & weaknesses.

 You need to be honest as these are designed to figure out the discrepancies if any.

The Barclays Verbal Reasoning Test

It has the multiple set of paragraphs required to match & read the information given in the questions. They can be true, false or can’t say.

Video interviews of Barclays

If invited then you will be given an access to the excellent platform to record all your responses to the scenarios.

The E-tray exercise of Barclays

It is particularly taken by the authorities to test your email literacy as well as to measure your performance in the workplace.

It is usually integrated with different others procedures like your day-to-day routine, responsibilities that must be tailored to your company and also upon the role you have applied to.

At last- Barclays Business Meeting at the Assessment Centre

This is the last stage of your selection and it is going to be single-shot meeting that will last for 4-5 hours. It is made up of 2 parts: 1-1 interview & case study.


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