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The Company OVO Energy one of the most promising energy technology companies present inside the market for linking green energy with the modern technology in terms of having the employees of best possible expertise in order to produce effective digital energy services & solutions.

The company founded in the year 2009 and basically includes various brands that are actually working towards the target for zero carbon emissions by the end of 2030.

Many career possibilities at Ovo Energy

The recruitment process for the company OVO Energy starts with online assessment of the candidates but it largely depends upon the job role you have applied from different roles like: software development, testing, customer support, management jobs, finance job roles and many others at managerial level. The company has different interview aspects for different job roles.

Getting ready for each & every stage till the final round of interview can better help you in delivering the most of yours and can ensure you safe and confident recruitment process that most of the job seekers expect.

The career opportunities for anyone at the OVO Energy consist of many job roles like customer service agents, HR, software development, finance, analysts, installation team member, engineers etc. With the help of several brands that are incorporating the home energy, broadband-telephone, metering, pre-payment energy & home based services, boiler installation and many others, a candidate can make his or her career with great aspiration.

The OVO energy has its offices located in Bristol, Edinburgh and London with international expansion via Europe in the countries like France & Spain.

The Ovo Energy Application Process

  • Online application form
  • Aptitude tests (numerical and abstract)
  • Telephone/video interview
  • Face-to-face interview
  • Assessment centre

As discussed earlier the application process of the company OVO Energy can include multiple tasks & stages as per the job role you have applied. The interview process of OVO energy can up-to 4 weeks.

The online application form of OVO energy

A different number of questions will be asked for completing the assessment likewise in terms of your background information, academics etc. that may take around 25-35 minutes of yours.

OVO Energy’s numerical reasoning tests

After processing the application form online and filling up your details completely you will be called upon by OVO energy team for next round of assessment that is numerical reasoning tests.

This is a type of psychometric assessment in which you will be measured with your numerical abilities & its relation with graphs, tables, pie charts, percentages etc. You are asked to analyse the given data and then define the correct answer from the list of multiple answers given. You can practice in advance with the help of take my online OVO energy tests for me without any difficulty.

OVO Energy’s abstract reasoning tests

The Abstract reasoning tests will not need any specified knowledge about the subjects. Here all your innate skills will be tested. With the help of this test in which shapes, patterns, images & tables are given and you need to quickly understand those new concepts like relationship between the set of series of pictures given etc. in a clear & convenient manner. It is a part of your initial screening process in order to fully understand how any candidate can perform for the given role. It is better to practice for the different set of questions to gain knowledge & confidence over it.

The Telephone/video interviews

After completing the pre-screening process with an online application form, aptitude tests and reasoning test, the next process is the interview process in the form of video interview or voice interview over the telephone and must be done within the member of HR department. This section can deliver you an opportunity to explore your required skills & qualifications for the different job roles you have applied. If you get successful with this round then usually face-to-face interview will be done at the office in front of different staff members of panel.

The Assessment centre

The final stage of application process includes various interviews, tasks, and activities depends on the job role applied. At the time of assessment centre you are expected to perform face-to-face interview with Head of the Department or HR representatives for finding out skills like coding, organisational tasks, customer dealings etc. Other task on an individual basis must be completed for showing your teamwork & leadership skills.

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