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It is a type of psychometric test that mainly consist MCQ’s (Multiple-choice questions) of the topics like shapes, structures, patterns & figures. These are the key factors to assess individual’s logical reasoning ability in terms of how one can deduce important rules from the given scenario or sequence & then apply those rules for any new pictorial scenario.

What is a diagrammatic reasoning test?

    • It is to assess the capacity of both inductive reasoning as well as deductive reasoning. Works effectively on the basis of applying premises & then drawing conclusions.
    • It can test your logic, accuracy and speed under the time pressure.
    • Rely mainly on any candidate’s interpretation of patterns & sequences instead of numbers/ words, they can be treated as a method to purely test the reasoning ability. So the results here are less influenced by the educational background of any candidate as in case of verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning sections.
    • It doesn’t require any superior knowledge, just preparation & familiarity with format & contents and then you are good to go.
    • You need to find the right answer by inferring the rule or sometimes the set of rules that may governs the given sequence or sequences by applying those logic for any new scenario.
  • The diagrams display inputs & outputs, together with various operations and processes that may have already taken place.
  • It is considered to be tricky by various examiners as Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests doesn’t involve any common skills that could be used in daily routine life but it gives better insights into your issues solving & critical thinking abilities.

On what grounds diagrammatic tests is different from logical reasoning & abstract tests?

There are some differences between abstract tests & diagrammatic reasoning tests:

While abstract reasoning tests may ask the candidates to figure out underlying logic in terms of sequences of symbols or shapes and questions are usually centred on identification of any relationship, selection of odd one out and completion of sequences. These type of questions are very closer to what is asked in any IQ assessment.

On the other hand in case of Diagrammatic reasoning tests the questions are here little bit trickier and predominantly contains type of questions like use of operators & processors and at the same time require candidates to arrive at deductions as per the new sequences.

For Logical reasoning, we can say it is the mixture of both abstract & diagrammatic testing.

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Format of diagrammatic reasoning test

  • It is multiple-choice assessment and consist of mainly 30 questions that needs to be answered within the time frame.
  • To achieve high score you need to practice for answering the questions as this is not at all hard.
  • Some tests freely provide you allotted time while others are usually structured around the questions specified time, so in this case you have certain amount of time to answer every question before going further on the next one.
  • As you progress through the test, the level of difficulty increases or in other words problems will become more and more challenging & complex to apply so in this case multiple logics may arrive to any single sequence.
  • The format of diagrammatic reasoning tests is standard across all the industries.
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Why do employers use diagrammatic reasoning tests?

Employers like to utilize diagrammatic reasoning tests as the test is giving an effective solution for rapidly shortlisting candidates from a large recruitment pool. Employers using this effective method at very earlier stages of recruitment in terms of initial screening in order to find right candidate for the later rounds of assessment. Diagrammatic assessment is not only a single step for the recruitment perhaps there are many other rounds are taken by companies. For the situational judgement it is very important to consider.

How to prepare for diagrammatic reasoning tests

  • Dedicated preparation is the key to success with any type of psychometric test. It is important for you to familiarise yourself with the test format, logic and aesthetic of the testing.
  • Practise sample questions and works somewhere around quiet place with less distraction to help you focus on getting good command over reasoning & thereby improving the mental agility.
  • Approach the questions given in a logical manner like first work out through the sequences and then look after the multiple-choice answers provided.
  • Don’t start your test from the reverse direction as this thing can generate more confusion & you will not be able to extract the logic governing the question.
  • Make use of stopwatch or timer to get aware about the time limitation & then adjust your speed accordingly.
  • At last review your incorrect answers to understand what is going wrong and how you can prepare for it for the next time.

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It is used by various companies to assess the logical thinking ability in terms of diagrammatic sequences of varying complexity with identification of consistent patterns deductively or inductively.

It is measured by the online or offline assessment of candidate’s ability to correctly interpret the sequences, processes & patterns in order to apply logical thinking ability to arrive at the answer. Total of 30 diagrammatic questions to be answered accurately.

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