Pay someone to take my online Citi Tests

Citi is one of the leading employer in the field of finance & marketing.

Careers opportunities for you at Citi

The company works effortlessly to deliver many corporations, governments, consumers & institutions a wide range of marketing, financial services as well as products. They are dedicated to deliver you the best outcomes with better financial growth & ingenuity that may lead you to have effective solutions in terms of simple, responsible & creative steps.

The selection process for the Citi works upon following steps:

The Citi Application Process


The applications process

Selection of any candidate begins with the application to be filled online in terms of filling up detailed information like basic details, employment history, academics etc.

Psychometric tests

It has the following sections:

Citi’s Numerical Reasoning Tests

The reasoning test for the Citi mainly comprises of different variety of questions that are mainly related to percentage, graphs, tables, etc. where you are going to ask about set of MCQ’s to test your ability to analyse & choose the data in an effective manner.

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The TalentQ is the solve test designer of the Citi. The test will be mainly focused around the type of role you want to apply or already applied. Candidates are required to go through this test again during the interview process or at assessment day.

Citi’s Diagrammatic or Logical Reasoning Tests

Citi’s diagrammatic assessment as well as logical reasoning tests mainly consist of different types of questions related to the shapes, patterns, table’s sequences. The question will be consisting of few missing steps you need to figure out the logic & then choose your answer as per your logic. 

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The Citi Job interview

The Interview process of the Citi is mainly consist of few questions to be asked by the panel of higher authority of Citi together with the main focus upon the core values & behaviours that is the main concern of Citi.

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