Pay Someone To Take My Online Hogan Assessment tests

The Assessment test taken by the Hogan comes in different varieties and every one of them is useful for determination of potential performance of the candidates on the basis of strengths, weaknesses, core values, problem-solving approach, working-style & attitudes.

Hogan tests contains following sections:

Hogan’s Personality-Inventory or HPI Section

Perfectly examines how the candidates relate to others at the workplace.

  • The Hogan’s Development Survey or HDS

Used to perfectly measure the dark-side of candidate as a personality traits, i.e. how a candidate will respond to the stress at workplace.

  • Hogan’s Motives, core-values, and Preferences-Inventory 

Measures the inner personality of the candidate in terms of core goals, values, interests, and what motives them for the success. 

  • Hogan’s Business Reasoning-Inventory or HBRI

Evaluates both strategic as well as tactical reasoning abilities in terms of verbal & logical reasoning, abstract reasoning, numerical reasoning etc.

Combination of various elements found in the numerous other Hogan’s tests for getting better insight to cognitive abilities & personality traits.


The Hogan’s Personality Tests in terms of HPI, HDS as well as MVPI

All these tests can be intrinsically related to the measurement of various aspects of the individual’s personality.

  • HPI

The No. of questions in his section: around 220

Time-Limitation: Approximately 30 to 40 minutes to finish.

Different factors going to be judged:

The Ambition

Shows your desire to excel, lead, initiate as well as competitiveness

An Adjustment

Shows your Self-confidence, working style, self-esteem under timed pressure


Define your need for social-interaction & extraversion

The Prudence

Showcase the responsibility, self-discipline, as well as thoroughness


Shows likeability, relationship-maintenance & tact.


Define your Creativity, imagination & curiosity.

The Learning Approach

Define an enjoyment of ambition & learning in order to keep up with the current knowledge


  • HDS

No. questions: around 170

Time-Limitation: Approximately 15 to 20 minutes to finish.

Hogan’s Development survey or HDS better assess the dark-side of personality in terms of following scales:


Shows your Enthusiasm to work, and whether you can be frustrated or inclined to give-up on the people or projects.


Shows your alertness for the signs of certain deceptive-behavior for others & an ability to interact when got detected.


Showcase the Risk aversion, & avoidance of the criticism.


Shows toughness, standoffishness, aloofness & lack of concerns for people around you.


Shows uncooperativeness, Stubbornness and self-serving


Shows how seemingly fearless, confident or self-assured a person is who is always ready for success without being able to admit the mistakes or learn from the past experience.


Shows whether you are seemingly bright, adventurous, attractive, risk-seeking & limit-testing.


Shows how gregarious, fun-loving, entertaining, you are from inside.


Shows the innovative, creative, eccentric & self-absorbing behavior.


Define your Hardworking, high-standards for work and detail-oriented nature.


Shows how loyal & dependable employee you are.


  • MVPI

No. of questions: around 200

Time limitation: Approximately 15 to 20 minutes

Factors to be noticed:


Your desire for the attention, praise and approval.


Define Desire for the success, status, accomplishment, & control.


Shows orientation towards the fun, enjoyment & pleasure.


Shows desire to provide help to others & contribute for the betterment of society.


Showcase the need for enjoyment & social interaction.


Care about Rituals, rules, ceremony & respect for the history & established customs.


Shows the requirement for stability, safety & risk minimization


The Hogan’s Cognitive Ability section

The Hogan’s cognitive ability section defines this assessment in terms of:

HBRI or Hogan’s Business-Reasoning-Inventory

There are different types of questions are asked under this section, you can prepare well for this section in case you are facing the difficulty, in terms of take my online Hogan tests for me.

Question types

Numerical reasoning, Verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, abstract thinking

No. of questions: around 24

Time limitation: Not timed, however your total time taken will get compared with other applicants.

HBRI measures two skills:

  • Tactical Reasoning
  • Strategic Reasoning


Hogan’s assessment is much more complicated as compared to other pre-hiring assessment tests present on the market. You will be having no clue about the right answer & don’t even get the idea about what sort of qualities the future-employer is looking after.

  • Practice a lot for Realistic questions and determine their needs or what they are expecting from you.
  • Learn some ways to answer as per the specific job levels.
  • Get myths-busting guidance in terms of online recruitment by companies to reveal true nature of your inner personality.

The Hogan’s Scoring Method

For the most part, Hogan assessments are scored using normative test results and percentile ranking systems. This means that your test results are compared to those of other applicants, then given a percentile placement ranking your scores to those of other applicants. 

If you need the best possible preparation for your Hogan pre-employment section in order to get hired by the company for the job role you have applied, then you need a lot of practice sessions. For the different rounds of assessment tests by Hogan you need a different variety of practice questions in a detailed manner.